Burl Barer, Susan Murphy Milano
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True Crime Classics: Burl Barer, Don Woldman and Their Favorite, Susan Murphy-Milano, A Blast From the Past!

Burl Barer,True Crime Classics

True Crime Classics airs Thursdays 1pm ET on

 Here Women Talk!

Burl Barer,True Crime Classics

In honor of the Susan Murphy Milano Radio Special Event this Thursday on D-Talks Radio,


SUSAN MURPHY MILANO’S very first visit to Burl Barer & Don Woldman’s TRUE CRIMES!

Susan Murphy-Milano,ImaginePublicity,Conquering Cancer

The year was 2008 and Burl Barer was smitten by the big hair of Susan Murphy-Milano, comparing her to the rock band Vixen! Hair styles may change over the years, or some may be lost as in Burl’s case, but one thing that stays the same……Burl+Susan= SPARKS!

With a mix of old and newer interviews, True Crime Classics brings you all of the incredible passion and fiery discussion about a variety of topics with Burl Barer, Don Woldman and Susan.

Expect the unexpected when these two go at it on air!  Sometimes the talk is irreverent, sometimes serious, but always informative!

Every Saturday at 2PT, 5ET you can hear Burl Barer on 

True Crime Uncensored

 broadcast by Outlaw Radio.

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