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D-Talks Radio Pays it Forward for Susan Murphy-Milano

DTalks Radio,ImaginePublicity,Denise Brown,Danielle Pierre

DTalks Radio,ImaginePublicity,Denise Brown,Danielle Pierre

Tune in to D-Talks Radio, Monday, July 16 at 9pm ET

To Listen to the Show:  CLICK HERE

Thursday, July 12,  Denise Brown and Danielle Pierre, the “D,s” in D-Talks Radio, have graciously offered to donate their weekly show, D-Talks Radio, for the benefit of colleague, Susan Murphy-Milano.  Diagnosed with stage IV cancer in early June, Murphy-Milano has no health insurance benefits and has taken her crisis to the public through her writing on Conquering Cancer. Me requesting donations, as well as updating on her daily progress through blog posts and a picture gallery. Through her work with battered women, she has put her life on the line for the last 23 years assisting and saving those in lethaly dangerous relationships. In all those years, not one woman lost her life.

Susan Murphy-Milano,ImaginePublicity,Conquering CancerMany friends from around the nation are invited to participate in the show, to call in and offer their thoughts about Susan, talk about the work she’s done, and assist in procuring donations for her daily treatment.

Although  fund raising efforts are now concentrated towards Susan’s immediate health crisis, when this crisis passes and she is fully back in the saddle, any excess funds will go towards a foundation that will assist future qualified patients without adequate healthcare to receive treatment.

Each day the future looks brighter for Susan,  her newest book, Holding My Hand Through Hell  will be released in October, 2012. Murphy-Milano is the co-host of Tuesday night radio show, Crime Wire, with Dennis Griffin, Wednesday nights, The Roth Show, with Dr. Laurie Roth, and Thursdays her own show, Time’s Up broadcast through Here Women Talk  originating from Myrtle Beach, SC. She is in final talks with two South Carolina universities setting up an Intimate Partner Violence Institute, and has taped a pilot for an upcoming television show. For those who know and love Susan, cancer is a bump in the road.

Denise Brown is a nationally recognized advocate for education and awareness about intimate partner violence, thrust into the limelight after the murder of her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson.  Denise lobbied for the Violence Against Women Act and has helped to pass various pieces of legislation. http://www.denisebrown.com/

Danielle Pierre is a published motivational author, life coach and speaker.  She assists her clients in reaching the levels of life they are seeking.  Learning to re-adapt due to tragic circumstances in her life, Danielle discovered a healthier and more positive path to her life’s journey. http://www.dpmotivation.com/

Together, Brown and Pierre are a dynamic force who have created a platform for the discussion of a number of topics and issues facing people, including their expertise in intimate partner violence,  bullying and abuse to wellness topics that create a healthy balance to the problems we face.

Please refer to the following sites:

Denise Brown and Danielle Pierre, D-Talks Radio.Com

Susan Murphy-Milano.Com


Special appearance by Dr. Dalal Akoury

Delilah Jones (not pictured) – President of Imagine Publicity
Anne Bremner – Seattle Attorney, and one of the Nation’s most recognized Legal Analysts
Burl Barer – True Crime Author and Radio Host
Denny Griffin – True Crime Author and Radio Host
Diane Dimond – Newsweek Investigative Reporter, Journalist and Author, Media Analyst
Diane Fanning – True Crime Author and Crime Novelist, Author of Mommy’s Little Girl
Donna Pendergast – First Assistant Attorney General-Criminal Division, Michigan
Dr. Laurie Roth – Syndicated Radio Host, Author and Presidential Candidate
Gayle Crabtree – Founder of Hope For Healing, Org., Advocate and Trainer for Intimate Partner Violence in the Church
Robin Sax – Fox 11 Los Angeles Legal Analyst
Jillian Maas Backman – Intuitive Life Coach, Author of Beyond the Pews
Neil Schori – Pastor of Naperville Christian Church and Advocate for Victims of Abuse
Pamela Chapman – Advocate and Transitional Healer from Abusive Relationships
Holly Hughes – Attorney and Legal Commentator for HLN and CNN
Sandra Brown – CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public
Pathology Education, Author of Women Who Love Psychopaths and How to Spot a Dangerous Man
Vito Colucci, Jr – Private Investigator, former Undercover Police Officer, Media Analyst, Radio Host

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  1. This show is well worth a second listen… All of the warm and inspiring stories.. and the very thoughtful narrative provided by Dr. Akoury’s re Susan’s illness… And don’t forget to donate… Yes!


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