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Dr. Scott Bonn Appears in A&E Feature: The Long Island Serial Killer

Dr. Scott Bonn, Doc Bonn,ImaginePublicity

Dr. Scott Bonn, Criminologist, Media Analyst and Drew University Professor, appearing in the upcoming A&E  Special,

The Long Island Serial Killer,  airing July 12, 8pmE, 7pmC.

Dr. Scott Bonn,Doc Bonn,Long Island Serial Killer

Filmmaker Louise Osmond has spent months looking for clues, and winning the trust of the victims families, who are determined to put the killer behind bars. This special follows the unfolding events from the perspective of both the besieged Oak Beach community and the desperate families trying to hunt down their daughters’ killers.

On a December day at a lonely stretch of road in Long Island, a Suffolk County detective and his dog stumbled upon a set of human remains. Since then, in that same stretch of dunes, a total of 10 bodies have been found. A serial killer is suspected. Four of the victims were prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist. The families of the murdered women have launched their own investigations, and they believe that the serial killer is hiding in nearby Oak Beach, a wealthy gated community located only miles away. The residents of Oak Beach have thrown up a wall of silence to the families……A&E

Dr. Scott Bonn, Doc Bonn,ImaginePublicityDr. Scott Bonn has been quoted and interviewed extensively concerning the case of the Long Island Serial Killer in the New York Times, the New York Daily News, New York Magazine, Forbes and Huffington Post, as well as several national radio shows. His profile and theories are based on his background research and expertise on the criminal mind of serial killers.

Dr. Bonn (“Doc Bonn”) is currently researching and writing a popular book on the public’s fascination with serial killers that is tentatively titled, “Monster Dearest: Our Fascination with Serial Killers and Why We Need Them.” This book examines the social processes through which serial killers often become morbid pop culture celebrities.

Dr. Bonn received a doctorate in sociology (criminology) at the University of Miami, FL, and a master’s degree in criminal justice administration at San Jose State University. He teaches courses in criminology, sociology of deviance, media and crime, and criminal justice. His primary research interests include white-collar crime, state crime, domestic violence, serial homicide and how the media influence society.

Prior to his academic career, Bonn held high-ranking corporate positions such as Vice President at NBC Television Network, and Executive Vice President at SonicNet, a leading music website, now a part of MTV Networks. He resides in Manhattan, New York.

Bonn is the author of the current book, Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq which argues that the George W. Bush administration manufactured public support for the war on Iraq.

For more information about Dr. Scott Bonn and The Long Island Serial Killer, please refer to his website DocBonn.Com as well as his Blog for updates on a variety of subjects ranging from drug addiction, domestic violence, media manipulation, crimes of the state, and, of course, serial killers.

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  1. Congratulations Doc Bonn! “Knock ’em dead as they say in show biz…..

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