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Shattered Lives: Raymond Bechard, Author of The Berlin Turnpike,A True Story of Human Trafficking in America

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

Special Guest: Raymond Brechard talks about the epidemic of human trafficking in every city of our country.

The Berlin Turnpike in Hartford, Connecticut is a major road containing many large retail chain stores, and over 1000 motel rooms.  It’s along this road within these hotel rooms that modern slavery in the form of commercial sex exploitation takes place, just as it does in every community that isn’t aware of the human trafficking epidemic happening in their own backyard and doing something proactive about it.

Until recently, most average Americans thought slavery ended after the Civil War, or that human trafficking only happened in other countries. Human trafficking is a business that has been allowed to grow under the auspices of prostitution, pornography, and labor trades.  The business of trafficking in humans, and it’s billions of dollars in profits, is a very lucrative and dangerous business in the United States, and growing faster than we can make laws to stop it.

The Berlin Turnpike is a true story of human trafficking in America as told through the testimony of a trial. The

Shattered Lives, The Berlin Turnpike,Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice

case of United States vs. Dennis Paris provides a unique and detailed account of how a specific type of trafficking – commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) – takes place throughout the United States, involving mostly female minors and young adults. The overall objective is to closely examine this heretofore ignored truth. This one case contains every element of a crime reliant on secrecy; hiding behind a scintillating veil of growing legitimacy.

The myth is that human trafficking of this kind disguises itself as a different monster; an evil face that is easy to recognize. The truth is far more devious and complex. In the shadows of our daily lives, this silent explosion of crime and abuse hides behind a deceptive mask of false innocence and legitimacy.

The Berlin Turnpike will take you to the core of how and where these events take place from the perspective of all those involved: the victims, the police, and the perpetrators. Never before has one story so accurately represented the dangerously magnetic commonalities shared by thousands of roadways, neighborhoods, businesses, publications, private homes, and websites. The Berlin Turnpike: A True Story of Human Trafficking in America, is a compelling expose of the people who live with the realities of commercial sexual exploitation every day.

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