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Naperville Christian Church Welcomes Susan Murphy-Milano Sunday, June 24

Susan Murphy-Milano,ImaginePublicity

Susan Murphy-Milano,ImaginePublicitySusan Murphy-Milano returns to the church where the revolutionary new tool for victims of abuse, the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (EAA), became a reality. Pastor  Neil Schori of Naperville Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois, invited Murphy-Milano to speak to the congregation, guests and friends, about what an important role the church has played in making a difference in the lives of several abuse victims who have found sound counseling and information from Pastor Schori over the last few years.

Partners in the new site, Document the Abuse.Com, Neil and Susan have worked closely to provide the EAA and information to as many as possible through providing direct and indirect services to victims leaving an abusive relationship. Along with colleagues, Sandra L. Brown, MA and Attorney Holly B. Hughes, the site allows victims, as well as service providers, to learn about the EAA and how it impacts and saves lives. There is certified training available for advocates, service providers, first responders, law enforcement, and prosecutors and attorneys.

Pastor Schori will lead a Q&A with Susan in the morning service covering the highlights of her life’s work, and she will return for the evening service to share how everyone can easily become involved in the mission.

Pastor Neil Schori has taken the lead in addressing the issue of family violence within the faith-based Neil Schori,ImaginePublicitycommunity, and as a result, has provided a safe haven within his home church, as well as encourage other pastors and churches to take up the responsibility for those in their own churches.  Both Neil and Susan feel deeply that the faith-based community must take a stronger role in assisting victims within their own affiliations. With budget cuts for social services closing many shelters and service providers, the fellowship of faith must step in and, along with proper training, have the ability to counsel and provide tools for victims.

Take advantage of the opportunity to hear Susan Murphy-Milano and become a part of the solution she and Pastor Neil Schori have to offer!

For information about Naperville Christian Church, worship schedules and other activities available, please refer to the church website, NapervilleChristian.Org.  Pastor Neil Schori’s personal blog: NeilSchori.Com

For information about Susan Murphy-Milano:  SusanMurphy-Milano.Com

Susan’s Blogs:  MurphyMilanoJournal    ConqueringCancer.Me

Holding My Hand Through Hell,Susan Murphy-Milano,ImaginePublicitySusan’s latest book, Holding My Hand Through Hell,  will be available in October, and her previous books, Defending Our Lives, Moving Out, Moving On, and Time’s Up are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and local retailers.  Time’s Up can be ordered as an Ebook directly from Susan on her website and blog, or as a Kindle version through Amazon.

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  2. Susan! Shine your light on the congregation with Pastor Neal where the important stuff all began….. I will be there in spirit giving you strength from afar!

    Love Always, Donna


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