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True Crime Uncensored: LIVE IN THE LOUNGE — Jeri Estes, author of Stilettos and Steel.

Listen Live Saturday 2pm PT/5pm ET on Outlaw Radio by clicking this link.

Based on a true story, this novel follows Jesse, a beautiful and spirited teen from a pleasant California suburb who runs away when she realizes that she will never fit in. She lands in San Francisco’s Tenderloin and slips into prostitution to survive. Jesse partners with glamorous Bunny and romances sultry Carmen. Through courage and force of will, she builds a multi-level hooker operation that is soon under attack from male pimps jealous of the women’s success. An escalation of violence forces Jesse to hire a tough ex-con to head her security team of female enforcers. Backed into a corner after a bloody betrayal, she delivers revenge as only a woman can. Against a squad of sadistic Fillmore pimps determined to destroy her, Jesse fights for her women and her empire.

Jeri Estes ran away from a “normal” and nice home in the California San Fernando Valley to the seedy and dangerous Tenderloin area of San Francisco and became a female pimp.  She became a mother, and with that life changing experience, returned to her roots.

Eventually escaping the life there, she wrote Stilettos and Steel based on her experiences. The characters, some who never made it out of the Tenderloin, are the inspiration and memorialized in Stilettos and Steel.


Sunday, June 17 join BURL BARER as the man of the hour on Crime Time with Vito Colucci, Jr. at 8pmPT, 11pmET on Business Talk Network!



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