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Crime Wire Examines Two Cold Cases: Do YOU Have a Clue?

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Segment 1:

In 1971 Joan Butterbach vanished and for almost 6 years her family had no idea where she was, or why she was gone.  In 1977, Mark Van Osdale, 16 at the time, was fishing on Lake Tainter when he saw something strange protruding through the surface of the water.  What he saw ended up being Joan Butterbach’s car, with her body in the trunk.  According to the Dunn County Medical Examiner, Chris Kruse, “The car was rigged to propel itself into the water without a driver.”

Guests include Christopher Kruse, Chief Medical Examiner for Dunn County Wisconsin, and family spokesperson and Crime Wire Director of Research, Kim Kolton.  Questions have been raised about the fact that some individuals knew about the submerged car, and what went wrong in the original investigation.


Segment 2:

On September 4, 2008, 33-year-old Daniel Ray Underwood, his girlfriend Rebecca Nelson, and a friend, Maria Harvick, were at a bar in East Fork, Texas. The three then went back to the home Daniel and Rebecca shared in Springs, Texas. According to Maria, once there, Daniel and Rebecca got into an argument and Maria left the room. A short time later she went back into the room and saw Daniel holding a shotgun in his right hand and accusing Rebecca of taking all his money and burying him in debt. Rebecca grabbed the gun and a struggle ensued. Maria again left the room, and a few seconds later she heard the gun go off. When she stepped back into the hallway she saw Daniel fall to the floor, mortally wounded.

Was Daniel’s death an accident, a suicide, or a homicide? The answer might depend on who you talk to and when.

Daniel’s mother,Donna Underwood, and Maria Harvick bring listeners the latest updates about Daniel’s case and where it stands today.

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