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Crime Wire: Digging Deeper Into the Unsolved Murder of Sheena Morris

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Join the Crime Wire Team as we welcome Kelly Osborn, (Sheena’s Mother) and Guest Host, Statement Analyst Peter Hyatt, to dig into some of the facts surrounding the investigation, or lack thereof, of the unsolved death of Sheena Morris, a beautiful 22-year-old.

Dr. Michael Berkland, a Forensic Pathologist who, along with Dr. Michael Baden, re-examined the medical examiner’s reports and both agreed that Sheena’s death was not a suicide.  The family has since been able to have the manner of death changed to “undetermined” on Sheena’s Death Certificate.  The authorities in Bradenton Beach, FL are not willing to re-open the investigation, even in light of these findings.

On January 1, 2009, Sheena Morris was murdered in her hotel room, yet authorities quickly labeled it a suicide.  She was hanging by her neck in the shower by one of her Yorkies’ dog leash.  The crime scene was most fascinating as were the circumstances surrounding her ‘sudden’ suicide.

Sheena placed a call to 911 the night before reporting domestic violence by her dangerous boyfriend.  She even took pictures of her injuries,  a cut on her neck, and one on her ring finger.

The people in the next room called 911 the night before her murder to report the domestic disturbance and sound of violence next door.

Sheena Morris had obtained damaging evidence on alleged illegal activities. Shortly before she died, the keys to her apartment were taken and she was physically attacked. You would think that the 911 call she made to police would have an impact on the investigation, or the other facts of significance in her death that are just now surfacing, but they do not. Not even the 4 banker boxes full of files, copies of ledgers, key names and dates and other information seen carried from the out of the apartment, according to witnesses, by the last person to see Sheena Morris alive.

Instead, her death was incorrectly ruled a suicide by  Bradenton Beach police department. The County Sheriff’s office, who have more experience in death investigations of intimate partner homicides, should have been called in to handle this case, and because of the association to organized crime, but for some reason this case has remained untouchable by investigating authorities.

The family of Sheena Morris are not giving up the fight for truth and justice.  They are petitioning the Governor of Florida to re-open the investigation with the new evidence.

Please review and sign our petition

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