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5 Easy Pieces: Social Media Marketing Done Well! #FriendsofRicki Buzzing for The Ricki Lake Show

Friends of Ricki,Ricki Lake Show,ImaginePublicity

The Ricki Lake Show, Friends of Ricki,ImaginePublicity

As many readers already know, Ricki Lake is scheduled to launch a new talk show this fall and we’ve seen the buzz building and building across all of the major social media networks. On more than one occasion we’ve remarked about the fact that this is social media done right!

So, what are they doing to gain such a following of devoted fans?

Like all good social media marketing plans, there is a definite strategy.  As outside observers, and sometimes participants, we’ve seen sharing, blogging and strategic placement of information on numerous platforms, a plan that works.

1. Build it, They Will Come

Friends of Ricki is a community of diverse people forming an “inner circle” and communicating about all things Ricki Lake.  They are the club, or tribe, relating what’s happening behind the scenes of the new Ricki Lake show.  The friends procure ideas, guest suggestions, and topics of discussion from the fan base and with interaction among Team Ricki members. By blogging on several platforms, including Huffington Post and BlogHer, they are in a position to receive constant input from those who will watch the upcoming shows.

2. Team Works!

Team Ricki consists of the producers and show personnel who share the responsibility of organizing production of The Ricki Lake Show. They are accessible to the public and interact with friends throughout the social networks. Using their individual talents, a bit of humor, and engaging with those who want to be on the inside, Team Ricki opens the doors and escorts followers into the back room to see exactly what it takes to produce a hit show.

3. The Twitterverse!

Twitter has been one of the major players in the Team Ricki and Friends of Ricki strategy. Dabney Porte, of Social Media Girlfriends. Com is one of the founders of Friends of Ricki. Using her vast expertise in “girlfriendology” she’s done an amazing job pulling together events held on Twitter, like regular Twitter Chats, and fostering the relationships between the members of Friends of Ricki.  Chats allow everyone to express their ideas for the show, a valuable tool for the Team. Everyone is invited to join in the conversations, they are quite friendly!

4. Facebook

A well-developed Facebook page allows even more fans to know the latest about what’s going on and how to join in.  Meet-Ups are being planned for fans and followers to meet in person in cities all across the country. Using the Notes section, there are specific, easy to follow instructions on how to join the Twitter Chats.  With a fan base of just over 4000, it’s growing daily. Then, there’s the official Ricki Lake Show page with over 73,000 fans eagerly awaiting the premier of the show this fall, along with Ricki’s personal page.

5. LIVE!

Yes, live broadcast of production meetings! Utilizing Ustream, Team Ricki brings fans right to the inner sanctum to see everything it takes to put the show together.  Sharing conversation with the public, interactively, will certainly help the production team keep a finger on the pulse of what’s interesting for future shows, what the viewers and fans want to see, not just what TV execs think they want. In real-time, fans can shoot their questions to the team through Twitter, Facebook or Ustream chat.

Friends of Ricki,Ricki Lake Show,ImaginePublicityWith an open invitation to the growing fan base to become involved, we see the payoff of interactive relationships between the show’s star, production team, and cyber friends. Friends of Ricki is making an investment in the success of the show, bringing along a built-in audience who is invested as well.

Social TV is  the “go to” medium for success of new network shows.  Harnessing the power of the internet, and its ability to connect people, globally and instantly, is a win/win situation for the future of entertainment.

Will Ricki Lake take over daytime TV where Oprah left off? It’s a good possibility, and if it’s up to the Friends of Ricki, she will!

Of course, we are hoping the show will consider our clients for upcoming appearances. One in particular, Dr. Scott Bonn, (@DocBonn on Twitter) is an active participant in the Friends of Ricki domain!  Perhaps we need to start a voting campaign!

Hat’s off, kudos, and any number of accolades go out to Friends of Ricki, Team Ricki, and every fan who is the backbone of the success of The Ricki Lake Show!

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