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The Susan Murphy Milano Show: Peter Thomas Senese, Author and Advocate, International Child Abduction

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!”

Thursdays at 2pm ET

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Peter Thomas Senese Joins us for an hour of discussion on international child abduction, human trafficking, and his mission to help others.

As the world is growing smaller due to the ability for people globally to connect via the internet and other means, it gives us all who live on the planet an astounding look at the good and evil all over the world.

As an advocate, Peter Thomas Senese founded International Child Abduction Research and Enlightenment Foundation (I CARE Foundation) to combat the growing problem of international child abduction and human trafficking.  What would compel someone to take up the cause in such a big way?  Because Peter Senese has had first-hand personal experience with his own child being abducted and taken to a foreign country. He has made it his purpose to make a difference for others finding themselves in similar situations.

As an author, Senese has written several novels based on his life experiences, the latest Chasing the Cyclone, a story of international parental child abduction and a father’s unending desire to find, protect, and unite with his kidnapped son. This story makes clear what needs to be done both here in The United States and throughout the world in order to protect children from harm.  ChasingtheCyclone.Com

For further information about Peter Thomas Senese, his mission, and to order his books, please refer to his website:  PeterThomasSenese.Com

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  1. ‘A very engrossing show! We have /had no idea of the scope and “tentacles” of this problem! Thanks Susan and Delilah! Listen twice to get all the details…..

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