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True Crime Classics with Burl Barer and Don Wolman: Back to Back with Hart Fisher on Here Women Talk

Burl Barer,True Crime Classics

Burl Barer,Don Woldman,True Crime Classics,ImaginePublicity

True Crime Classics airs Thursdays 1pm ET on

 Here Women Talk!

Burl Barer,True Crime Classics

In the 1990s, perhaps no independent publisher partied as hard, shook the industry’s foundations, or endured more public and private turmoil than Boneyard Press founder and president Hart D. Fisher. While the man Hero Illustrated dubbed ‘The Most Dangerous Man In Comics’ was interviewed in virtually every comics trade publication and on mainstream TV programs like Larry King Live, The Jerry Springer Show, and The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, Fisher always held back. Some subjects were too personal; too painful to broach. Living on the edge for the better part of a decade, there were stories behind the stories, skeletons in the closet, and bloody ghosts that continue to haunt him to this day.

Join Edgar Award winner Burl Barer and famed attorney Don Woldman as they grill Fisher like a swordfish!

Yes, we will go for the tough stuff —   The murder of his first love & live in girlfriend during filming of his debut feature film, The Garbage Man; the decade long legal battle to keep the murderer of his first love in prison. We will also discuss  the legal battles fought over the publication of his Jeffrey Dahmer comics; the events which led to a threatened KKK protest march on his home in Illinois, and his stunning appearance on The Sally Jesse Raphael Show.

You gotta see this!

Every Saturday at 2PT, 5ET you can hear Burl Barer on True Crime Uncensored

broadcast by Outlaw Radio.

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