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The Roth Show: War Against Women with Barry Goldstein and Mo Hannah

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From a recent post on Time’s Up! by Barry Goldstein, he states, “Sexism is critical to the discussion of domestic violence because it causes men to abuse their partners based on a sense of entitlement and superiority. It promotes many other practices and policies that mistreat women such as the issues that led to discussion of the Republican war on women. Most people become deeply insulted and angered when called sexist, but most sexism is far more subtle than the over-the-top hateful comments recently made by Rush Limbaugh. Good and caring men engage in sexist behavior, often without realizing they are doing so. I would urge Republican leaders, as well as Democrats and independents to avoid the normal defensiveness in responding to accusations of sexist behavior.”  (to read entire article CLICK HERE)

Barry Goldstein and Mo Hannah will be on hand for the hour to discuss the politics of the war on women and offer solutions, and by taking proper actions, to improve the conditions in our society.

Barry Goldstein is a nationally recognized domestic violence expert, speaker, writer and consultant. He is the co-editor with Mo Therese Hannah of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE and CHILD CUSTODY. 

Mo Therese Hannah,PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Siena College, the Founder of the Battered Mothers Custody Conference, and The EQ Program Certified Imago Advanced Clinician


  1. Susan says

    I’m a big Barry fan and found his latest writing on the wolf blog was interesting..and different from what I usually see him write.

    Barry says that, “I certainly agree that some of my friends who are protective mothers have acted improperly. I hope that we can stop this so that it will be safer for all protective mothers..”

    Barry then goes on to imply that abuse by women isn’t all that bad bc women are are disadvantaged by a sexist society, and don’t pose as much of a threat (does that make sense bc it sounds sexist to me!).

    I was shocked to hear Barry say: “I believe women can be assaultive, disrespectful and totally inappropriate but I would not use a term like abuser or domestic violence for what they do because they do not have the same power that men have.”
    Hey Barry- Nevermind serial killer Eileen Wournos or Jody Arias in that theory!!

    Barry then goes on to attack film maker Bill Windsor, who is creating a documentary called “Lawless America” which is exposing abuse in the govt and in the courts. Barry says Bill is using “male privilege” to attack protective moms.

    HEY Barry! Have you see the American Mothers Political Party and Joeys hate sites? The various attack pages on facebook and elsewhere? The Youtube videos? That these so called protective moms and leaders in the mothers movement even admitted they called the FBI to try to get Bill arrested, and wanted to file a lawsuit to win big money off the guy?

    Bill has been attacked by AMPP, Claudine, Lorrine and supporters who include various bullies. These ABUSERS are who Barry says are his “friends”. They have called Bill a pedophile, put up videos of a transsexual man stuffing his genitals into his pants to look like a woman & said that is Bill, they have made comments about burying Bill’s wife in the backyard, told Bill to “f–off and die”. Admitted to contacting Bill’s neighbors to spread lies, and posted pictures of his house and neighborhood online to demonstrate they have the power to do this. Admitted to calling the FBI with fake stories that Bill has a gun and is going to hurt people. Put all over the internet that Bill dresses in his wife’s clothing. Stolen pictures from Bill’s deceased father’s memorial page and created a fake facebook account with the image of the deceased father..and taunted Bill online (sick!!). Made YouTube videos with images of women beaten up and said it was Bill’s fault. And worse.. it gets worse and worse!!!

    So Bill–and rightly so–takes a stand against their abuse and files criminal charges. He denounces American Mothers Political Party, Claudine, Lorraine and supporters.. the Joeys and crazed stalked Sean Boushie for their attacks.. and now Barry is condemning Bill for that? Mae privilege? What are you talking about Barry–you are using your own male privilege to judge & condemn an innocent man, a victim of horrific online stalking and abuse by your FRIENDS in the so called mothers movement.

    Barry would you put up with any of this? Barry would you allow someone to post videos online of you comparing you to Hitler? Or posting a video of a transsexual man shoving his genitals down his pants and saying that is you? You calling you a pie f__ and a pie tard and that you are a pedophile? Would you say Barry thats okay bc you are only a woman attacking me, and life is hard so its not that bad…

    I was a big fan of Barry. I am a protective mom who goes to the BMCC every year. I have seen things get worse and worse with AMPP attacking people. But still I went to the BMCC bc I believe in this cause with all my heart. A friend told me about Barry on this wolf page. I didn’t believe what she was telling me. I even called her a liar. Now I saw it for myself and seriously wonder what happened to the Barry I know and love. Did he even exist at all?

  2. ‘Sounds intriguing! Count me in… Sexism hasn’t been discussed openly since…. probably after Gloria Steinam got married at age 66 in year 2000…for which she took lots of heat…. The truth is, rights for women in marriage had changed (Big Exception – Gay marriage- which still hangs in the balance regarding rights) Men in the work place are still sexist…They just find more subtle ways to practice it! Barry is correct, in the home, a man’s sense of “king of the castle” and “that’s how we keep the home fires burning here” …is all about superiority and entitlement!

    If you care to…please check out my former blog about Ralph Kramden and the Honeymooners. Yes, Virginia… there was domestic violence here in this writer’s opinion.


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