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Crime Wire Updates Nique’ Leili, Gwinett County, GA Unsolved Homicide

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In July, 2011, there was trouble in the Leili home with calls to the police, arguments and insinuation of past violence in the marriage of Matthew and Nique’ Leili.   Nique’ went missing on July 8, leaving behind her purse, keys, credit cards, and, most importantly, her children, her husband says there was an argument and she walked out of the house.

A week later, in the hot Georgia summer, her decomposing remains were found on July 16 less than a mile from her home, completely naked, face down in a shallow grave covered by leaves.  Her clothes have never been found.  Interestingly, her husband, Matthew Leili had already filed for divorce citing abandonment. How did he know she wasn’t coming back? Could it be because he had spy gadgets everywhere, including surveillance cameras, tape recordings of all phone conversations, keyloggers on all computers, and trackers on all cell phones? Seems he would have a pretty good idea where his wife was headed considering the lengths taken to keep track of her.

Named a suspect in the murder of Nique’, Matthew has not been arrested and no charges have been filed. He has since taken two of the couple’s young children and moved them out of state, isolating them from Nique’s family.

Joining the show for the hour to examine some of the known details of the case of murdered Nique’ Leili is her grown daughter,

Alex Page, and sister, Amy Elk.

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