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Denny Griffin Events! MOBSTERTHON on Coast to Coast Radio and Book Signing

Mobsterthon! on Coast to Coast Radio

From Coast to Coast Radio, George Knapp is hosting the MOBSTERTHON with an array of former, real-life mobsters.  Joining him for the whole 4 hour broadcast is true crime author and mob historian, Dennis Griffin, Sunday, April 29, from 10 pm until 2 am Pacific.

George Knapp is a 14-time Emmy Award-winning journalist whose reporting on Nevada’s infamous Area 51 military base was selected by UPI as Best Individual Achievement by a Reporter (1989).

Other awards include the Associated Press’s Mark Twain Award for news writing and the Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting. George is an anchor and reporter for the CBS affiliate KLAS-TV in Las Vegas and he also writes a weekly column for a Las Vegas newspaper.

Dennis Griffin, former New York law enforcement officer turned author, has written several books on the true stories of the Las Vegas mob and the era in which they reigned. He has participated widely in the opening of the new Las Vegas attraction, the Mob Museum which features him regularly.  Griffin is host of the radio shows Real Wiseguys every third Wednesday, and the weekly radio show, Crime Wire on Tuesdays.


10 to 11 pm – Henry Hill, the original “Goodfella”

11 to midnight – Andrew DiDonato, former Gambino family member, and Billy Cutolo, Jr., son of “Wild Bill” Cutolo, the number two guy in the Colombo crime family

Midnight until 2 am – Frank Cullotta, of the Hole in the Wall Gang,  consultant and starring in “Casino”

10 pm until 2 am – Denny Griffin, True Crime author and Mob Historian


Book Signing by Dennis Griffin

Date: Friday, May 11

Location: the Mob Museum, 300 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada

Time: 1 to 5 pm

Featured Books: The Battle for Las Vegas, CULLOTTA, and Surviving The Mob

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