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True Crime Classics on Here Women Talk: Suzy Spencer, “Sexpert” and True Crime Author

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True Crime Classics airs Thursdays 1pm ET on

 Here Women Talk!

“Our laid back reporter, Suzy Spencer, has contemplated more ceilings and overhead lighting arrangments than anyone else we know — well, that’s an exaggeration — but Suzy IS our official SEXPERT and a famous True Crime author.” …….Burl Barer

Suzy Spencer was hailed by ABC’s PRIMETIME LIVE program as Austin, Texas’ best-known true crime writer. Her first four books have each earned individual distinction:

  • True Crime Classics,Burl Barer,ImaginePublcityWASTED was a New York Times bestseller and Violet Crown Book Award finalist;
  • WAGES OF SIN, which outsold Spencer’s first book, was reissued by Kensington Books in December 2010, 10th anniversary of the book’s publication;
  • BREAKING POINT was a Book of the Month Club, Doubleday Book Club, Literary Guild and Mystery Guild selection;
  • THE FORTUNE HUNTER was called “riveting” and “blockbuster” by the Globe

Suzy recently completed Secret Sex Lives: A Year on the Fringes of American Sexuality, a memoir about her journalistic research into Americans’ sex practices. Secret Sex Lives will be published by Berkley Books in October 2012.

Suzy holds a Master’s of Professional Writing and a Master’s of Business Administration, both from the University of Southern California. She has appeared on Good Morning America, ABC World News, Primetime, Dateline NBC, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Court TV, Oxygen, and the E! Channel.
Currently, she is working on a screenplay.

Follow Suzy on Twitter @spencerwriter.

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