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The Susan Murphy Milano Show, Time’s Up: Victims Rights Advocate, Andy Kahan

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!”

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“No one should be able to rob, rape and murder, and then turn around and make a buck off of it; it is blood money plain and simple.” —Andy Kahan, Victim Advocate

Murderabilia is a word coined by Houston Crime Victim Advocate Andy Kahan to describe the burgeoning industry in which high-profile murderers/serial killers peddle their personalized items via dealers on the Internet. Once an underground market, murderabilia was popularized by the internet, making it accessible to everyone.

EBay was once the main conduit for buyers and sellers of murderabilia to ply their trade, however, after a 2-year campaign led by Victim Advocate Andy Kahan, eBay no longer allows the sale of murderabilia.

Andy Kahan has had great success working with the State Legislature and helping enact policy changes, including:

  • Making it a capital offense for murder of a child age six or under.
  • Reduction in the number of parolees released in Harris County.
  • Abolishment of mandatory release of convicted felons.
  • Promoting gun safety by making adults criminally responsible for failure to properly store firearms.
  • Mandating the Parole Board meet with either the victims or their family members before a vote takes place.
  • Initiated policy changes with the Texas Department of Public Safety to include deported sex offenders on the their public database.
  • He began a national campaign to stop eBay from selling “murderabilia” —personal mementos from violent crimes—on the Internet. As a result of his efforts, several states, including Texas, passed legislation prohibiting “Notoriety for Profit” by criminals.

And those are only a portion of the policy and law changes spearheaded by Mr. Kahan, which have had an enormous impact on the safety of citizens in the greater Houston area as well as nationwide.

Andy has brought national recognition to the work of the Mayor’s Crime Victims Office with appearances on CNN, CBS’s 48 Hours, Court TV, America’s Most Wanted, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The John Walsh Show, The Nancy Grace Show, the A&E Network, ABC’s 20/20 Prime Time, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, and 60 Minutes.

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