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RealWiseguys Radio: Life in the Vegas Mob, What Was it Like?

Real Wiseguys,Dennis Griffin,Andrew DiDonato

Every THIRD WEDNESDAY at 9ET join hosts

Dennis Griffin and Andrew DiDonato

for Real Wiseguys Radio on Inside Lenz Network!

Listen LIVE or to podcasts:

Jane Ann Morrison, columnist and former crime beat reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, will talk about the Tony Spilotro era in Las Vegas from a reporter’s perspective and how Vegas has changed over the years.

Jane Ann Morrison
writes on topics from politics to human interest. Her column appears Monday, Thursday and Saturday in the Nevada News section.

Wendy Mazaros, author of Vegas Rag Doll, will be on the second segment to discuss her life asWendy Mazaros,ImaginePublicity the wife of Mob hit man Tom Hanley.

At fifteen, she fell into the arms of Ted Binion, heir-apparent of the Binion’s Horseshoe Club family. Binion passed her off to Tom Hanley; a man she would marry, and later learn was a hitman for the mob.

Join co-hosts Andrew DiDonato and Denny Griffin and their guests as they discuss mobsters, murder and the Las Vegas of yesterday and today.

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