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Jillian Maas Backman April 13 Author Event: Barnes and Noble, Davenport, Iowa

“A Conversation With Jillian”

Friday April 13, 2012 6:30 PM

Barnes and Noble, Davenport, Iowa

One of the most popular books on the shelves this year is Beyond the Pews: Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown, written as an “interactive biography” of author Jillian Maas Backman, but also offering worksheets and lessons for the reader to follow along and improve their personal relationship with God.

Jillian Maas Backman and Beyond the Pews has been to Kansas City, San Antonio, Milwaukee and beyond holding personal “Conversations with Jillian” events to very diverse audiences. Her unique book and her intuitive abilities have given her work a reflection on the deepest questions of life. Readers not only learn about the author and her abilities, but go beyond to fulfill their own soulful actions.

“Conversations with Jillian” allows attendees to ask questions of the author in an informal, casual, enlightened atmosphere  which tends to bring about a flow of energy, and the opportunity to have the author sign a book with a personalized message.

Change Already! Your Future, Your Choice is Maas Backman’s latest series of interactive lessons for her audience. Patterns evolve that are universal to most of us exploring options for change.  She has designed a radio program that gets this knowledge out to anyone interested in inward/outward growth that is accessible from the comfort of your own home.  Visit her website for all the latest details: jillianmaasbackman.com

Barnes and Noble details:

Author Discussion
Beyond the Pews is a wonderful blend of spiritual growth workbook, relationship with God guidebook, and autobiography. Jillian has not only shared her personal journey … but she has also shared how we can grow in our spiritual relationship with God.

Friday April 13, 2012 6:30 PM

North Park Mall
320 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA 52806, 563-445-8760


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