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Crime Wire Examines Unsolved Murders of Kenneth Kanehl and Pamela Barnes of Waterford, Michigan

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Double Unsolved Homicide of Kenneth Kanehl and Pamela Barnes

Seven years after the 2005 murders of Kenneth Kanehl and Pamela Barnes, there have been no arrests or charges, and although much speculation and suspicion, naming of the main suspects will be a shock.

The pattern of conduct of persons close to the deceased has raised many questions by the families and those left behind in this awful tragedy.  Why have investigators let this slide?

Overview from guest,Jessie Kanehl, stepmother of Kenneth Kanehl:

On July 3, 2005, Kenneth Kanehl, 39 and Pamela Barnes, 41 were murdered in their home on the 5400 block of Brunswick, Waterford, MI.  Their bodies were discovered on Wednesday, July 6, 2005.  They were both shot in the head multiple times.  Kenny was off on vacation that week so his absence at work did not concern anyone.  On either Tuesday or Wednesday, Pam’s boss called her mother to notify her that Pamela did not show up for work on Tuesday.   Monday was the 4th of July Holiday.  Kenny and Pam were last seen at a friend’s house where they went for a 4th of July party and then to fireworks late Saturday night.  They were killed in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 3rd.  Pamela’s mom, Carolyn Barnes, called the Waterford Police Department on Wednesday, July 6th to do a welfare check at their home.  The police arrived there at approximately 5 p.m. and found their bodies.

Kenny and Pamela each had teenage daughters from previous relationships. One lived at the home, the other visited often. One has been affected seriously over the tragedy, the other has moved on and doing well.  What are the circumstances that connect a daughter and her father to the murders?

Tune in for details as this double unsolved murder is discussed by the Crime Wire Team.

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