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Crime Wire Welcomes Lisa Valentino: Seeking Justice for Allison Jackson Foy

Allison Foy,CUE Center for Missing Persons,ImaginePublicity

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Allison Foy,CUE Center for Missing Persons,ImaginePublicity

Allison Jackson Foy

Guest: Lisa Valentino, sister of Allison Jackson Foy

Allison Jackson Foy went missing from Wilmington, NC June 30, 2006 and her remains were recovered in April of 2008, along with another set of remains belonging to Angela Nobles Rothen, who went missing a year after Allison. This begins the long road towards justice for Allison, seeking answers, and bringing the perpetrator(s) to an arrest.

Allison’s sister, Lisa Valentino, works closely with CUE Center for Missing Persons, who conducted many searches and awareness campaigns in the years that Allison was missing, but the road didn’t end there. Still working together to find a final resolution to the case and bring justice for Allison and the two young children she left behind, Lisa continues to work with opportunities to benefit CUE Center, as well as attends their National Conference each year, bringing her experience as a support to other families.

Lisa Valentino, once again, brings awareness to the fact that there is still someone out in the community who murdered her sister, Allison, and may have murdered others and hid them as well.

For updated information about Allison Jackson Foy, please refer to the website: Justice for Allison

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  1. Lisa: I’m sure you’ve heard it before… but we all need to continue to be an inspiration to our loved ones lost! You are such a person! I applaud you..and look forward to meeting you at the CUE Conference!



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