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The Roth Show: Another Look at the Murder of Sheila Deviney

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Sheila Deviney was a single mother of two and a recent college graduate who lived next door to her parents in Maysville, Garvin County, Oklahoma. On Tuesday, January 6th, 2004, after she had dropped off her children at school, Sheila was brutally murdered in broad daylight by a group of persons who  subdued her, packed flammable material around her in her trailer home, doused her with accelerants and burned her alive.

Six years after Sheila’s death,in 2010, the Office of the State Medical Examiner threatened to incinerate portions of Sheila’s remains kept following her autopsy for potential future forensic tests, citing storage space concerns. These remains amount to small samples of tissue and blood roughly the size of a deck of playing cards or smaller.

The Devineys have joined other families from all over the state in demanding our tax dollars be spent wisely in reforming the Medical Examiner’s Office into the kind of separate, capable and forthright agency that Sheila Deviney, and all Oklahomans, deserve.


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