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True Crime Uncensored with Burl Barer and Howard Lapides: The Serial Killer Whisperer

True Crime Uncensored,Burl Barer,ImaginePublicity

The Serial Killer Whisperer: How One Man’s Tragedy Helped Unlock the Deadliest Secrets of the World’s Most Terrifying Killers

 LIVE on True Crime Uncensored 2pm PT/4pm CT/5pm ET/10pm UK  

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Tony Ciaglia — the real Serial Killer Whisperer 

True Crime Uncensored,Burl Barer,ImaginePublicityFifteen-year-old Tony Ciaglia had everything a teenager wants—good grades, good athletic skills, and good friends—until he suffered a horrific head injury at summer camp. Pronounced clinically dead three times by helicopter paramedics before he reached a hospital, Ciaglia lapsed into a coma. When he emerged his right side was paralyzed and he had to relearn how to walk, talk, and even how to eat. His brain damage also required him to take countless pills to control his emotions.

Abandoned and shunned by his friends, he began writing to serial killers on a whim and discovered that the same traumatic brain injury that made him an outcast to his peers now enabled him to connect emotionally with notorious murderers. Soon many of America’s most dangerous psychopaths were revealing to him heinous details about their crimes—even those they’d never been convicted of. The killers opened up to him, trusted him, and called him a “best friend.”

For details and purchase of the book, visit the website: The Serial Killer Whisperer

Join hosts Burl Barer and Howard Lapides on True Crime Uncensored

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