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Dottie Laster Presenting at Conference on Crimes Against Women, March 26-28

Human Trafficking expert, Dottie Laster will be presenting at the Conference on Crimes Against Women being held in Dallas, Texas on March 26-28, 2012.

The Conference on Crimes Against Women seeks to bring together all those who may respond to crimes of female victimization and arm them with the most effective, most relevant, and most up-to-date training available to battle this worldwide epidemic. 

Federal, state, and local law enforcement officers; federal, state and local prosecutors, and victim advocates will gather in Dallas to participate in workshops and case studies that will address all types of crimes in which women are targeted.

How Sexual Predators Find Their Victims
Dottie Laster, Jim Tanner
Sexual predators groom both the victim and the environment. There is a pattern to grooming which is found across many types of sex crimes. In this session we clarify the structure and process of grooming and demonstrate how it is manifested in many types of offenses. Whether you work assault against adults or children, trafficking, position of trust or acquaintance cases, you will find this session helps you understand how the victim and the environment were groomed. This session will be beneficial for forensic interviewers, investigators, prosecutors, caseworkers, treatment agents and community supervision officers.

Dottie Laster’s most notable current case is the Long Island Serial Killer. She was called in as a consultant by the family of Shannon Gilbert who disappeared in 2010. Her remains were found along a secluded beach in Long Island , NY near several other human remains of young women. Laster theorizes that several could be victims of forced prostitution.

Dottie Laster is the founder of Laster Global which works in the education, training, rescue and re-integration of victims of human trafficking. She is certified by the Department of Justice and has trained over 5000 members of law enforcement. She is also affiliated with Bernardo Kohler Center and the Frederick Douglas Family Foundation.

The annual Conference on Crimes Against Women is hosted by Genesis Women’s Shelter and the Dallas Police Department. The conference is conducted for the sole purpose of providing training to only those people employed by governmental or non-profit agencies in the fields of law enforcement, prosecution, social work, victim’s advocacy, therapy, probation/parole, campus safety and medicine who work directly with victims of crime.

For details and registration refer to the website:

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