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The Roth Show: The High Cost of Doing the Right Thing with Michale Callahan

Michale Callahan,The Roth Show,ImaginePublicity

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Michale Callahan,The Roth Show,ImaginePublicity

In 2000, Michale Callahan was the newly promoted Investigations Commander over a nine county area in East Central Illinois. His first assignment, to review the fourteen-year-old murder of a young, newlywed couple, Dyke and Karen Rhoads, would change his life forever, shattering his faith in the department he had loved and had dedicated his life to. Rumblings from the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project, The Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University and an impending show on CBS’s 48 Hours were that two men had been wrongfully convicted for these murders. This attention drew deep concern from the corrupt administration of Governor George Ryan and the politically compromised command of the Illinois State Police. During his career Lieutenant Michale Callahan had helped to put more than his fair share of criminals behind bars, but little did he know that the biggest adversaries he would ever face were those within his own department. 

Michale Callahan,The Roth Show,ImaginePublicityThis true story is about his fight to search for the truth, no matter where it may lead, to search for the real killers and help free the two innocent men he learned were railroaded into prison. As the story unfolds it becomes his and every citizen’s worst nightmare when any crime is deemed “too politically sensitive “instead of justice for the victims. Callahan’s fight continued with his personal battle against a corrupt and powerful state that was more interested in covering up the scandal and silencing its employees than seeking justice. His battle led to the United States Supreme Court, where he continues to fight for his and every American’s First Amendment protection, the freedom of speech.

For more information, to buy the book, and most recent updates, refer to Michale Callahan’s website:

Too Politically Sensitive

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