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Time’s Up With Susan Murphy Milano: Taking a Stand! $2M Stolen from Disabled NY Girl

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!”

Thursday, February 9, 2pm ET

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Former New York State Senator and Attorney Joseph R. Pisani Lauded as Child and Disability Advocate Continues to Steal $2,000,000 from Disabled Westchester New York Girl.

The Courts in New York have long trampled on the elderly and disabled for many years.

One county in particular, Westchester, has allowed a special needs trust for disabled child, Andie Masotti,
who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a variation of autism, to illegally be drained without any regard to what her father legally set forth in a trust for her prior to his death in 2006.

Joseph Pisani was heralded for his early child advocacy work as head of the New York State Commission on Child Welfare created by former Governor Hugh Carey. In that role, Pisani wrote, contributed and helped pass legislation that provided protections for children and the disabled.

Our guest is Ann Masotti, mother and legal guardian of her daughter Andie Masotti.



  1. Andi’s mom should be commended in standing up for her daughter. Not every mom has the guts to do this. As an abused person myself, I’m willing to stand by Andi’s mom Ann in regards to letting our voice be heard. How cruel is this, taking disadvantage of someone so helpless? That’s like committing murder. He dug his own pit and should fall in it.

  2. What a GREAT Show! As a professional working for a state agency working with multiply disabled and vulnerable people.. I THANK YOU for CARING for people like Andie! This former Senator and “Elderstatesman” is a criminal of the worst kind, as he used and abused this child, this family, and the system in perpetrating his own agenda!

    I applaud Ann for her love,advocacy and perseverance to assist her daughter, and to expose the injustices….

    Let’s keep the ball rolling…

    Donna R. Gore, M. A.

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