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TRAFFICKED with Dottie Laster: Trafficking at the Super Bowl

Dottie Laster

Dottie Laster


with Dottie Laster

Thursday, February 2, 1pm ET

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Kicking the Hornet’s Nest!

Closing in on Super Bowl Sunday in Indianapolis, Indiana human trafficking activists are doing all they can to show their concern about a possible rise in incidents during the time leading up to and including Super Bowl XLVI.  A bill to toughen Indiana’s penalties for sex trafficking is on its way to Gov. Mitch Daniels for him to sign into law ahead of next weekend’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis. A step in the right direction for Indiana!

Today’s guest on TRAFFICKED, Carrie Nantais, is a consultant with Coalition for Corporate Responsibility in Indiana and Michigan (CCRIM).  They are a coalition of eleven orders of Catholic women based in Indiana and Michigan.

CCRIM holds investments in the major hotel chains and are engaged in dialogue with corporate management about human trafficking in the hotel industry. Working since August, researching and preparing information, over 40 volunteers called 220 hotels within 8 days;  over 90 hotels have received hand delivered packets for follow up information.

There is an Indianapolis Taskforce on Human Trafficking, dedicated to looking at this issue for all major events in the area, made up of members from the Attorney General’s office, Sheriff’s department, INATP and non-profit organizations looking to raise awareness on this issue.

Keeping Sex Trafficking Out of the Super Bowl (America Magazine)

“When ICCR’s human trafficking working group mentioned during its meeting last June that Super Bowl XLVI would be held in Indianapolis, “we picked up the ball and ran with it,” said Sister Ann Oestreich, an Immaculate Heart of Mary sister who ministers as justice coordinator for the Sisters of the Holy Cross in South Bend., Ind., and is the two-state coalition’s justice co-chair. “In CCRIM, we had done a process in terms of picking one issue that was important to all of our members. Prior to the Super Bowl, the issue of human trafficking came up,” Sister Ann told Catholic News Service during a Jan. 12 telephone interview from South Bend.”


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  2. How many regular uninformed people think that the Super Bowl is only about football? I’m sure it never crosses the minds of most, that such an event is ripe for human trafficking…with as much money as it costs to run the commercials! I’m sure if I brought this into work and showed “the guys” many would scoff! So good to see that the Sisters are taking up the charge! I’ll listen on the archives…

    Donna “Ladyjustice”

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