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True Crimes Uncensored With Burl Barer Welcomes Journalist and Author Amanda Lamb

True Crimes Uncensored Presents Amanda Lamb

Listen live Saturday 2pmPt/4pm CT/ 5pm ET/ 10pm UK



Amanda Lamb is a professional television journalist, author, and mother. Amanda writes in two completely different genres: one about her life at home, and one that mirrors the life of a hard news reporter. Currently, she has FIVE books in print and another on the way.

“Love Lies,” her latest true crime,  published by the Berkley Group . It features the woman of a young mother whose husband said she went jogging and never returned home.

In her nearly twenty plus years as a professional journalist, Amanda has developed a reputation as the go-to reporter for networks seeking credible feedback and interviews on high-profile murder cases in the southeast. She makes regular appearances on CBS, FOX News, CNN, truTV, and on the Oxygen network

Love LiesNancy Cooper is missing. Her husband says she went for a jog and never came home … Hundreds search for the vivacious mother-of-two in and around her upscale neighborhood in Cary, North Carolina.

Days later, her body is discovered facedown in a ditch a few miles from her home. It appears she’d been snatched off a jogging trail and strangled. Yet, focus immediately falls on Nancy’s smart, handsome, and athletic husband, Brad, because the couple has been embroiled in a heated, contentious divorce.

Although he steadfastly maintains his innocence, Nancy’s family and close friends know in their hearts that he is guilty. Unwavering in their fight to take custody of Nancy’s daughters away from a killer, the family is determined to expose Brad. What eventually transpires in this peaceful suburb will tear two families apart and reveal even more secrets and a trail of damning evidence that guarantees final justice.

Amanda Lamb’s website: CLICK HERE



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  1. MiMi says

    Love Lies……this book was written while the trial of Brad Cooper was being conducted…..there was nothing presented in court which indicated that it was a “domestic violence crime”…..no friends of either party indicated that there had been domestic violence prior to the murder of Nancy Cooper….perhaps this was an “illusion” as was the “42 second google search” which was NOT PROVED IN COURT that BRAD DID it…BUT it was the “EVIDENCE” which convinced the jurors to find him guilty of 1st degree murder….there might have been/could have been/should have been “evidence” had the Cary Police Department and Detectives not “BOTCHED the murder investigation” from the time the 911 call was made shortly after Nancy left to go jogging….by one of her “so called friends”….who immediately pointed the finger at Brad Cooper…..for those of you who might be interested in viewing the trial….go to WRAL (dot) com and search for Brad Cooper…..the trial itself which SHOCK YOU….and so will the verdict….

    A man was “framed” by the NC Judicial System…..and jurors who were no doubt just “sick and tired” of being in court listening to all of the “gossip, lies and gut feelings” of things which really DID NOT pertain to the murder of
    Nancy Cooper…. Brad Cooper was sentenced to life in prison without parole, while a killer(s) is still on the loose…

    CORRUPTION AND COVER UP in the Judicial System….and a reporter who wrote a book on lies….who did NOT want to report the real truth about what REALLY happened…..

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