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Gregory Clay Invited to Attend Political Panel Discussion in Washington, DC

Gregory D. Clay,McClatchy-TribuneEvaluation of the 2012 political races and candidates will be the topic of discussion on January 12 at a luncheon hosting a panel of Republican and Democratic politicians and analysts.

Gregory Clay, writer for McClatchy-Tribune, is invited to attend the panel discussion.  Clay has written many political essays and columns on politics and candidates over his career and always welcomes the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of new information.

Clay is available for media commentary on current issues, politics, sports and figures making headlines.

So far, the panelists include Senator Judd Gregg, Governor Tim Pawlenty, Peter Hart , and recently added, Donna Brazile. National Journal’s Major Garrett will moderate the discussion.

As a former governor and senator from New Hampshire, Senator Gregg is exceptionally knowledgeable about the primary and its significance. Governor Pawlenty, formerly in the presidential race himself, is uniquely positioned to discuss the campaign trail and analyze candidates’ odds of success. A leading Democratic pollster, Peter Hart is keenly aware of the public’s reaction and its affect on the race. Donna Brazile, a veteran Democratic political strategist, is vice chair of voter registration and participation at the Democratic National Committee. Major Garrett is a seasoned moderator who has been at the forefront of our nation’s most important political issues of the last decade.

This special afternoon program is sponsored by The Broadmoor and is by invitation only.

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