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True Crime Author, Caitlin Rother, Joins Burl Barer on TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED

Caitlin Rother returns to True Crime Uncensored Saturday January 7th 2pm PT, 5pm ET

 listen live Via Outlaw Radio  << just click that link!

Caitlin side shotNew York Times bestselling author Caitlin Rother, has written or co-authored eight books, including MY LIFE, DELETED (October 2011), POISONED LOVE (December 2011), NAKED ADDICTION (January 2012), DEAD RECKONING, DEADLY DEVOTION, BODY PARTS, TWISTED TRIANGLE and LOST GIRLS.

Her latest book is NYT bestseller MY LIFE, DELETED.Life deleted

This is  an inspirational memoir of former NFL player Scott Bolzan, who is rebuilding his life after suffering a brain injury and losing his entire long-term memory. She co-authored the book with Scott and his wife Joan. (HarperOne, October 2011)



Poisoned-LoveOn the true crime front,  the new, updated edition of Poisoned Love adds 20 pages of new developments in the Kristin Rossum case, in which the beautiful San Diego toxicologist was convicted of poisoning her husband with powerful narcotics she stole from her lab at the county Medical Examiner’s Office.

Join the Hosts of True Crime Uncensored, Award winning author, Burl Barer, and producer, Howard Lapides every Saturday at 2PT, 5ET broadcasting live on Outlaw Radio!

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