Diane Fanning
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Diane Fanning’s True Crime and Novel Available NOW in Audiobooks!

Trophy Exchange, Diane Fanning, Lucinda Pierce, Audiobook

The first book in the Lucinda Pierce series, by Diane Fanning is now available in a new format…AUDIO!

Released in audiobook format on December 17, 2011, THE TROPHY EXCHANGE is the first, but other Diane Fanning books will follow. Her true crime books are in various stages of production and should be available in audiobook by April, 2012.  The next book in the Lucinda Pierce detective series PUNISH THE DEED is also in the works.

Trophy Exchange, Diane Fanning, Lucinda Pierce, AudiobookTHE TROPHY EXCHANGE is available on Audible.com, Amazon and iTunes.

A fast-paced thriller introducing an unforgettable heroine – Homicide Investigator Lucinda Pierce is physically and emotionally scarred by her job. She is angry and bitter, but her life is her work. Lucinda gets sent to investigate the brutal killing of Dr Kathleen Spencer. There seem to be links with other dead women: could it be the work of a serial killer? And will Lucinda be able to solve it or has she become too emotionally involved this time?

From Booklist

After a long and soul-searching healing process following her last case, homicide investigator Lucinda Pierce is ready to return to active duty. Her first case back involves the death of a young mother, Dr. Kathleen Spencer, whose body was found by her two young daughters, Charley and Ruby, their mother’s face unrecognizable after having been savagely crushed. The cop on the scene is Ted Branson, one of Lucinda’s old flames. More dead bodies emerge, all killed in the same face-smashing manner, turning Lucinda’s murder investigation into a serial-killer panic. Though she started out tentatively, Lucinda finds the work cathartic, helping her regain her confidence and womanhood. But will her emotional growth get her too personally involved in yet another case, so much so that she is put in peril? Fanning’s true-crime writing experience gives the story added verisimilitude, and she has made great strides at tightening her storytelling. She is one to watch. –Mary Frances Wilkens

For information about all of Diane Fanning’s books, visit her website:  www.dianefanning.com


On February 10 three more titles became available from the same sources as The Trophy Exchange! True Crime books, Under the Knife, Written in Blood and Mommy’s Little Girl are now available in audiobooks!


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