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Diane Fanning, Author of WRITTEN IN BLOOD, Talks About Michael Peterson’s New Trial

FM TALK 101.1 Brad and Britt in the Morning

Welcomes Diane Fanning

Tune in at 6:10am ET and listen live:  CLICK HERE  Or you can listen to the archived show later at the link.

Brad and Britt in the Morning Show

As Diane Fanning explained so well on Forbes: Crime, She Writes, just hours before it was announced, Michael Peterson has been granted a new trial in North Carolina.

The case was the subject of her Edgar nominated book, WRITTEN IN BLOOD, and had all the ingredients for a movie based on the murder of his wife, Kathleen Peterson, in 2001.  Evidence was enough in that trial to convict the best selling novelist, Peterson, and although several appeals were denied, he has now been successfully granted a new trial and will be out on bond soon.

Back in the news, North Carolina Superstation FM TALK 101.1’s  morning show, Brad and Britt in the Morning, has askedDiane Fanning to appear on Monday, December 19, at 6:10am ET,to talk about Peterson’s new trial and give her opinion on how this will effect the family, Kathleen’s sisters, daughter, and the daughters adopted by Peterson when he was involved in the tragedy of another woman who fell down the staircase to her death years before in Germany.


405 pages & 8 pages of photographs
$6.99, ISBN: 0-312-99403-6
St. Martin’s Press

  Michael Peterson was driven to succeed.
     An army brat-turned-marine, he saw combat in Vietnam, and returned a decorated soldier. An avid reader, his dreams of being an acclaimed novelist came true. His desire to find love was fulfilled when he married brilliant executive Kathleen Atwater, the first female student accepted at Duke University’s School of Engineering. The Petersons seemed the ideal academic couple— well-respected, prosperous, and happy.  
     All that came crashing down in December of 2001, when Kathleen apparently fell to her death in their secluded home in an exclusive area of Durham, North Carolina. But blood-spattered evidence and a missing fireplace poker suggested calculated, cold-blooded murder. Her trusted husband stood accused. 
     Then the most damaging evidence of all surfaced: Sixteen years earlier, Peterson was the last person to see his neighbor alive–before she was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her home in Germany. A dramatic trial followed in the explosive final chapter of a life that no novelist could ever have conceived.

Visit Diane Fanning’s website for more of her true crime books and Lucinda Pierce fiction series.




  1. Hi Diane! If this comes to trial, you are welcome to come on Shattered Lives” and discuss it. I just saw the two hour special on Dateline last night too! Ladyjustice

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