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Crime Wire Investigates! Unsolved Murder of Samantha Guzman

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Samantha Guzman

On Mother’s Day 2006, high school senior Samantha Guzman was just weeks away from graduating and wearing her crown as prom queen. She picked out a beautiful red dress to wear to prom. She proudly modeled it for her mother and imagined the tiara she would wear the night she was crowned prom queen. But just a few weeks away from the dance, on Mother’s Day 2006, Samantha was killed. She never got the chance to wear her gown. Instead, her mother buried her in it. Weeks later, her mother was handed her diploma.

March, 2009 Report from

Police hope the arrest of seven reputed gang members in the Bronx will bring them closer to solving the 2006 murder of a Staten Island student, according to a report.

The alleged members of the Bloods gang were implicated in several brutal acts of violence, and are believed to be associates of the killer of 18-year-old Samantha Guzman, a McKee High School senior.

Samantha was gunned down May 14, 2006, on a Bronx street corner after her group of friends interrupted an apparent robbery.

Shot twice in a hail of bullets, she died two hours later at Lincoln Hospital.

GUESTS:    GENE CERVANTES (Citizens Against Homicide),


Second Segment:

On August 31, 2010, 39-year-old Jimmy Spring was robbed and murdered in Scranton, South
Carolina. The Florence County Sheriff’s Department subsequently arrested four suspects.
However, in spite of the severity of the charges, a judge released three of them on house arrest.
The fourth remains in jail, but will have a bail hearing in the near future.

Jimmy’s sister, Dusty Braddock, will talk about her brother’s murder and the actions of the judge.

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