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GARY PHILLIPS Saturday, November 26th,True Crimes Uncensored

Listen live Saturday 2pmPT/4pm CT/5pm ET  via Outlaw Radio by clicking this link, or via Outlaw Radio on iTunes, or the Outlaw Radio app for iphones, Droids, and other smart phones.


Gary Phillips

Gary PhillipsHe grew up in South Central when the area was known for its segregated Black community, hard working families with good union jobs moving into the middle class, and an LAPD that terrorized residents more often than it protected them.

Gary Phillips’ 25 years of community activism in Los Angeles on issues ranging from affordable housing to gang intervention to neighborhood empowerment served him well when he began writing crime novels. He has worked as a union organizer, political campaign coordinator, radio talk show host and teacher. He has written op-ed pieces for the L.A. Times Magazine, San Francisco Examiner, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Miami Herald and other newspapers. His novels include: The Perpetrators (2002), Bangers (2003) and the seven books in the Ivan Monk and Martha Chainey series. Gary has also contribued to and edited many short stories collections such as: The Cocaine Chronicles, Politics Noir, Orange County Noir, and The Darker Mask.

Today Gary Phillips is not only a private eye, activist, and community organizer, but  one of the most popular cross genre action/mystery authors in America.  Comic books, graphicGary Phillips72dpi novels and good old fashioned private eye pulp thrillers have made him famous in the UK as well.  Fame, however, has not turned his head.

Gary Phillips joins us LIVE in the Lighten Up Lounge…his voice is so big, he might not even need a microphone…..Burl Barer

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