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Susie Kroll and Donna Gore Tapped With Regular Columns On Here Women Talk EZine!

Susie Kroll and Donna Gore have been invited to participate in something new at Here Women Talk, a social network community with a twist.  Here Women Talk has branched out with their own Ezine in order to give their members a more visible platform to express themselves.  Along with their radio station broadcasting fabulous shows each day, members, and the entire internet population, is given another way to connect with each other.

Both Susie Kroll and Donna Gore have tons of information to offer.  They are amazing women in their respective fields of expertise and readily share their knowledge, research and ideas with others.

Donna’s column, aptly titled “LadyJustice” will give readers a broad look into the justice system from the perspective of one who’s been there.  She will also touch on issues surrounding justice for marginalized populations such as the disabled, LGBTQ and, thrown in for good measure, a few personal stories and reviews.

Susie’s column, “It’s About Your Teen”  will be a mix of informative posts along with Question&Answer. Targeted at both teens and parents of teens, she will impart important information for both. If you would like to submit a question to be answered in her column, please email and put “HWT Question” in the subject line of your email.  You may remain anonymous.

Susie Kroll is a specialist and educator in Teen Dating Violence, Bullying, and Building Healthy Relationships.  She promotes the concept that healthy teen dating relationships will translate into strong and healthy adult relationships. Susie educates both teens and adults about the seriousness of teen dating violence.Visit her website as well as her blog, Teach our Teens and Save Their Lives.

Donna Gore, also known as “LadyJustice” is a fireball advocate for victims of crime of all kinds.  She lost her father to murder and gained firsthand knowledge of the tragic circumstances surrounding the shattered lives of survivors left in the aftermath.  Donna has turned her personal situations into a positive approach to life and has participated in several areas of victim services.  Look for her articles to be well researched, articulate with a sometimes humorous bent, and always on target!  For a closer look at Donna and her accomplishments, visit her site:

A simple registration process earns you free membership and opens a door to a world where you can be yourself and explore your interests!  Here Women Talk emphasizes creativity, beauty from inside and out, surviving, thriving and overcoming, relationships with God and others, and all aspects of women’s lives and passions.

Be sure to bookmark the columns and come back often to read the latest from Donna Gore and Susie Kroll!

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  1. I like it immensely…and am in such good company! Congratulations, Susie! You deserve it…
    ‘See you around the ranch!
    (Invite all your friends, readers!)

    (Your writer in residence at Imagine Publicity…. and proud to be “one of the gang”)


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