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The Roth Show: Casualties of Crime

The Roth Show

Wednesday, November 23, 7-8pm ET

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The Roth Show welcomes Angie Warner, daughter of Alice Donovan who was abducted at gun point in a South Carolina WalMart parking lot, tortured and killed.  Her remains would not be found for another 6 years, hidden by her two murderers.

Although both killers were eventually caught, after a crime spree through several states, and brought to trial, convicted, and sentenced to death row, they continued to torture the families of their victims by withholding information about where their loved ones could be found. Another victim of their senseless killing is Samantha Burns from West Virginia, whose remains are yet to be found.

In 2008, a story by Issac Bailey of The Sun News in Myrtle Beach, Casualties of Crime, caused one of them to reach out, and through the efforts of Monica Caison and the CUE Center for Missing Persons, Alice Donovan’s remains were found in January, 2009.

Another missing mother from South Carolina, Lisa Shuttleworth, has been missing since 2003, leaving behind two young children.  Her disappearance was suspicious, and it’s surmised that she is possibly a victim of intimate partner homicide.

On October 29, two daughters met for the first time.  Angie Warner and Krystina Shuttleworth and her brother, Ryan, along with Lisa’s mother and father met for the first time at an event for missing persons awareness in Myrtle Beach.  At different stages in their situation, the two were tearfully brought together by circumstances totally out of their control.

The show tonight will explore how crime shatters the lives of the children left behind, and beyond.  Often children are forgotten as the news stories die down, and they are left without support.  Crimes such as these affect not only a family, but entire communities, and as in the case of Alice Donovan, which was a long running national news story, the whole nation.


  1. Sending Love and Prayers across the Ocean for Angie Warner and dear ‘Alice Donovan’s’ family.
    RIP Alice.
    With Love
    Denise Allan –

  2. Laurie: Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure it was a great show! I was unable to listen live and have missed the past couple of weeks for the lack of access to your November archives! ‘Hope that situation improves…

    “One of your Fans in CT”

    Donna- Ladyjustice

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