Danielle Pierre
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Danielle Pierre: Know Your Full Potential!

Whether you feel you’re lacking in self-esteem, empowerment, money, health, energy, wellness, or all of the above, Danielle Pierre and DP Motivations should be the starting point to get to where you want to be! Sometimes it’s a simple rearrangement of life details, sometimes it takes time to build the healthy foundation in life that we all deserve.  Either way, you must start where you are in order to strive towards your goals.

“We are bound only by our minds and can accomplish anything on which we focus our attention.”   Danielle Pierre

Sounds easy enough!  But often it isn’t, and it’s best to have professional guidance. Danielle Pierre and DP Motivation have been supporting clients in their quest to improve the quality of their lives since 2009 through a variety of resources, including life coaching services, free newsletter, a daily empowerment video library, articles and much more!

What is a Life Coach?   Life Coaching is a profession that is different from consulting, mentoring, or counseling.  Certain specific personal projects are addressed within the coaching process, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to assist you in getting to the point where your life will be what you want it to be.

“Coaching is the process of assessing existing thoughts and emotions, observing behavioral and linguistic patterns, setting specific goals and discerning hidden saboteurs. Effective coaching should also be supportive of the client in making a plan of action and then to follow it to reach desired outcomes. It is also most effective when the Coach is able to create such a deep respect and rapport that the client feels comfortable, and most of all safe, to move from their former place to one of success.” ..American University of NLP

Danielle Pierre is a certified Life Coach through the American University of NLP and has successfully assisted others in achieving their goals and changing their lives. Resources, including her book, “Just Make It Happen,” a series of daily inspirational videos, and motivational articles all work together to enrich your experience.

Recently, Danielle has teamed up with nationally known advocate, Denise Brown, to host an internet radio show, DTalks Radio, which can be heard each Tuesday at 9ET.  DTalks Radio features expert guests each week who discuss and educate listeners on a variety of topics such as violence prevention, bully prevention, mental wellness, campus safety and much more.

DP Motivation is currently offering a 10% discount on select life coaching packages – contact us for more information!

To schedule an appointment for a FREE personal assessment with Danielle Pierre, send an email to coach@dpmotivation.com or contact ImaginePublicity by phone: 843.808.0859 or email: contact@imaginepublicity.com


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