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Crime Wire Investigates Guests: Andy Thibault and Grace Caporino

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Joining the show is Andy Thibault, The Cool Justice Report, and Author, Law And Justice In Everyday Life, to discuss his fascinating work and lawsuit filed against the city of New Orleans Police Department surrounding the case of Gabe Caporino.  Read Andy’s full reports with documents here: 

Also joining the show is Gabe Caporino’s widow, Grace Caporino.
NEW ORLEANS, LA – Thirty seven years ago – with several police officers crowding her – Grace Caporino briefly touched and read a number of pages in a 3-inch-high stack of reports about her missing husband. After a few minutes, they forced her to leave.

Today, the New Orleans Police Department still doesn’t want to know or hear anything about the Gabe Caporino case – or the reports. That’s why I filed a lawsuit Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011 in the Parish of New Orleans. My attorney, Brett Prendergast, also filed a related motion to obtain all investigative files on behalf of Gabe Caporino’s family. Complete Article

Suit Notes That NOPD Copying Fee

  • Violates State Law;
  • How Many Others Are Being Gouged Illegally?

Also In Complaint:

  • Petitioner Accosted By 3 NOPD Officers
  • Who Conducted Illegal Search / Seized Notes;
  • While Other Civilians Chatted With Police Boss Serpas
  • At Public Meeting, NOPD Physically Blocked Petitioner

JUST FILED: Lawsuit V. NOPD In Caporino Case Cover-up #CaporinoCaseCoverup

Gabe Caporino of Westchester, NY, a General Foods executive and U.S. Navy veteran, disappeared on March 7, 1974 during a business trip to New Orleans. The late Mr. Caporino, declared dead in 1979, was a production supervisor for General Foods plants around the country, from New Jersey to Texas. His case was the subject of a CBS documentary with reporter Chris Borgen, NYPD narcotics detective, retired. The program aired a number of times on Eye On New York beginning in May 1974.

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  1. Excellent show! Grace is a truly devoted wife and a bulldog in the best possible way! I am confident with the Crimewire team, Andy and Grace, some headway will be forthcoming on this case! Gabe deserves a final ending that fits his character!

    Thank you for featuring it Susan And Denny!

    Donna- Ladyjustice

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