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 Dr. Laurie Roth is officially declaring her bid to run for President of the United States as a patriot, conservative, independent candidate.  In California she will be on the ballot, running on  the American Independent Party ticket .

Dr. Laurie Roth is a National Radio Talk show host on air for over 11 years She follows and covers the hard hitting issues that affect and infect our entire country.  She is a publisher of articles in many conservative journals that put light on critical issues America faces most and media and political power class avoid.  Journals include:,,

The issues: 

* Forced an unconstitutional health care bill.

* Obama sued and stood against his own Governors.

* Threatened and targeted coal plants for closure.

 * Breached the war powers act of 1973 and put us in an illegal war in Libya

* Lack of border security.   200 billion in drug trade and between 10-40 million illegal aliens who receive citizen tax payer dollars for health care, education and  housing.

* Insulted and turned against  Israel.

* Obama is ineligible to be President.  He has presented a verified forgery of his long form birth certificate on April 27th 2011.

Dr. Laurie Roth supporters which include companies and individuals, join together in  confidence of her candidacy.  This will lead to victory for our nation.   She and others know she is the candidate who will make the real difference for our country.  Many have prayed about this and are confident that Dr. Laurie Roth is what America needs.  In her published book ‘The People’s President’ her platform is clear.  It is  available at  and book stores.

As the leader Dr. Laurie Roth will:

 Institute a Federal 2% point of purchase tax.  No group will be exempt.  10-20 trillion dollars annually will be collected, while citizens are liberated from massive, controlling tax oppression.             

Become totally energy Independent in 4 years.  America will be the largest exporter of energy in the world. Disconnect from OPEC.  Employ 20 million people in energy infrastructure jobs:  natural gas,  oil,  nuclear,  solar and alternative fuels.

Secure Americas borders.  Stop  illegal aliens.   Stop illegal drug trade.  Use all technology available.  Honor those who choose to be a citizen of the United States who do it properly and legally.

Create Jobs.   The 2% point of purchase tax will create millions of jobs in the nation.   Infrastructure projects,  small businesses and home based businesses will be supported.

Restore  international relationships and image.  Lead America with the revision of the American Start Treaty.  Stand against Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism.  Institute fair trade agreements.

Promote Judeo Christian values in America.  This includes our nation’s historical strength from God and the Holy Bible – including Christian principles – prayer, freedom, exceptionalism and supporting a movement away from regulation, taxation and litigation.  Those who disagree are not assailed.

Dr. Laurie Roth is a patriot and survivor who loves God,  family, country and the Constitution of the United States.

For victory we need:

  •  Endorsements
  •  Financial contributions
  •  Volunteers

Roth is running on the party of  ‘REAL’ – Responsive,  Excellence,  Americanism and Liberty.  Dr. Roth’s experience dedication and courage will serve America.

You will be a partner to make America great.   Your support will be what is necessary to create the momentum  to make America the country that people strive to be a citizen of, because of strength, opportunity and freedom.

Join this movement.  Visit:,

Your emails, endorsements and financial contributions are appreciated.

Thank you and God bless you.


Laurie Roth

Sheryl McGrath 
Rev.  Lainie Dowell


All views expressed in this press release are those of Laurie Roth 2012 campaign and not necessarily the views of ImaginePublicity or it’s partners.

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  1. Now the hat trick for ya will be to get Gov. Palin to back your play…you do that and half the battle is won. You have my vote…!

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