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Violence in the Workplace: Johnny Lee of Peace at Work on The Susan Murphy Milano Show

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!”

Thursday, October 20, 2pm ET

Listen LIVE at: Here Women Talk

Johnny Lee was previously the Workplace Violence Specialist for the North Carolina Office of State Personnel. His responsibilities included offering program consultation and staff development training to all state agencies and universities on workplace violence prevention and management.

His experience includes his role as the Training Director for the UNC-Chapel Hill Injury Prevention Research Center’s PREVENT program, delivering a CDC funded, national violence prevention training program. He is author of the book, Domestic Violence in the Workplace, published by HRD Press in 2005. He has also conducted a  research study on over 500 cases of domestic violence assaults that have occurred in the workplace and developed the Employment and Domestic Violence Matrix, used around the world to show how employment is a protective factor for DV prevention.

Formerly, he was the co-chair of the Workplace Policies and Public Awareness Committee of the North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission that produced the highly successful State-Wide Summit.  He also sat on the Legislative Issues Committee of the Domestic Violence Commission.  Lee managed the implementation of the Batterer’s Intervention Treatment Program Certification process for the State of North Carolina.

Peace at Work is an agency dedicated to violence prevention, in and through, the workplace.

For further information about Johnny Lee and the organization, Peace at Work, please visit:

Felix Nater of Nater Asssociates, LTD Security Consulting will also be joining the discussion.

Nater Associates, Ltd. has been assisting organizations provide for a safe and secure workplace for the past 17 years. In that time, significant events have occurred affecting workplace safety and security; but one thing has not changed – the demand for proactive, competent insight and assistance in the face of limiting budgets and the need for effectiveness and quality leadership.

Felix Nater is a retired Postal Inspector who has held varying criminal and security operational and program management positions at the local, regional and national level. He is also a retired Sergeant Major whose last assignment was as the Command Sergeant Major of a major Army Reserve Command. Having held leadership positions and membership in several related organizations, his consulting experiences run the gamut having participated in several interesting consulting projects, conducted training programs, seminars, workshops, keynote presentations and led panel discussions. Nater’s basic approach to consulting assignments is to find out what the client wants, determine the need and then deliver cost effective and reliable solutions in a timely manner.

For more information about services provided by Nater Associates, please visit the website:

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  1. This topic makes me crazy… as I have recently lived this experience on a smaller scale. I think of the mass shootings at the Hartford Distributors of 9 innocent people in Manchester, CT in August 2010. When we get into institutional settings, it seems as if the bureaucracy, and need for compliance with outmoded HR policies is pervasive. And…. the people that need to be accountable and those that need to communicate do not step up to the plate! It’s all about protecting the rights of the offender…and the victim is virtually ignored!

    In contrast to what guest Felix Nater said, this writer was told by an official that in particular work sectors, EAP cannot be mandated because that would imply that there is something wrong with the perpetrator which is unfair! I’m here to tell you that even when you step forward, nothing significant happens in such settings.

    Our state’s workplace violence statutes were enhanced after the Hartford Distributor’s massacre. However, the mandated increased training was not implemented due to the magic phrase, “within available resources”. Unfortunately, it is about money versus being proactive and safe! . For a summary of the Hartford Distributor’s shooting see: .

    In Justice and Fairness,


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