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Diane Fanning Appears on E! True Hollywood Stories: Casey Anthony

E! True Hollywood Story: Casey Anthony

Wednesday, October 19 at 10pm E/9pm C

Sensationally acquitted of her daughter Caylee’s  murder in Orlando, Casey Anthony has become a quasi-celebrity whose life will be covered on her own E! True Hollywood Story. Continuing controversy surrounds Anthony and her movements, but producers have been able to glean inside information from interviewing former boyfriends, journalists, members of her defense team, and author of MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, Diane Fanning.

Before the now infamous trial and acquittal of Casey Anthony, the first book seeking justice for 2 year old Caylee Anthony was published.  MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, by Diane Fanning, based on thousands of hours of research and not frenzied headlines and internet gossip, presented the facts about the child America came to love, and the dysfunctional dynamics of the Anthony family.

Fanning has appeared on a number of interviews following the not guilty verdict and narrated the A&E Biography of Casey Anthony.  As the author of several true crime books, Fanning’s attention to detail qualifies her opinions on the case and the players, trying to shed some sense into the already sensational, carnival like atmosphere surrounding the case since 2008.

Unfortunately, there have not been answers forthcoming as to what really happened to Caylee Anthony, an innocent 2 year old little girl, who seemingly lost her life to the hands of her “monster” mother, Casey.

Not only has Diane Fanning written several true crime books, she was recently the recipient of the Defenders of the Innocents Award by the Innocence Project for information and testimony given which acquitted Julie Rea, wrongfully convicted for the murder of her son, and recounted in Fanning’s book, THROUGH THE WINDOW.

For more information about Diane Fanning, and a complete list of her true crime and mystery books, please visit her website:  http://dianefanning.com



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