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Crime Wire Investigates: The Case of Murdered Celina Cass and Update on Dr. Conrad Murray

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We update the death of 11 year old Celina Cass, the girl who went missing from her home in northern New Hampshire in July and was later found wrapped in bedding in a river about a ¼ mile from her home. An autopsy was performed however the Medical Examiner was unable to determine the manner and cause of death. Days ago, police received toxicology reports and have announced that Celina Cass was murdered. Police said they know what caused the girl’s death but are not making it public. No suspects have been named. Joining the discussion will be Crime Wire Consultants, Dean and Karen Beers.

Second segment:

Doctor Conrad Murray is on trial for the crime of involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. Murray stands accused of administering the drug propofol, a powerful anesthetic intended for hospital use only. Murray is charged with injecting Jackson with the drug in Jackson’s home. Witnesses are testifying about a delay in the 911 call when Dr. Murray discovered that Jackson was nonresponsive. Why the delay? Was evidence being removed or destroyed? What were members of Jackson’s security team doing in those critical minutes?

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