Laurie Roth, Susan Murphy Milano
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The Roth Show Talks to Dan and Gil Harrington

The Roth Show

Wednesday, October 12, 7-8pm ET

Listen LIVE:

As we approach October 17, marking two years since Morgan Harrington was brutally murdered and left in a remote field in rural Virginia, her parents, Dan and Gil Harrington are continuously searching for her killer.  Life has dramatically changed for the Harrington family since October 17, 2009, especially dealing with the silence in their home, once filled with Morgan and her friends.

The Harringtons are building a legacy in Morgan’s name in several ways.  A scholarship has been set up at Virginia Tech where she attended, an educational wing is being built in Zambia by Orphan Medical Network International (OMNI), and recently launched a multi-media campaign titled “Help Save the Girl Next Door” to raise awareness about the vulnerability of young women to predators and to offer support to other victims’ families.

Dr. Laurie Roth and Susan Murphy Milano welcome Dan and Gil Harrington for the hour to discuss the progress in Morgan’s case, and to let listeners know how they can become actively involved in preventing the next tragedy.

For the latest information visit the family website, Find and Help Save the Girl Next Door


  1. I’m enjoying listening to Dan & Gil Harrington talk about Morgan’s case tonight. A very good interview with good flow of information for those who are not familiar with the details .

  2. Cherie Gift says

    Dan and Gil are remarkable people! Having suffered an unimaginable loss through Morgan’s horrific murder, they continue on with love and grace to bring JUSTICE to “their girl” but. also want to “save the next girl”!
    Thank you Susan for helping to keep Morgan’s name out there until an arrest is made!
    Let’s Save the next girl!
    See you at 7p

  3. More Gil Harrington please! She is fast becoming one of my favorite heroes….so articulate, so compassionate, so in touch with the feelings of others, a nurse, a mother and wife… And through all this she grieves for her daughter, but at the same time, shows us the kind of person Morgan must have been! Gil is one classy lady!
    I’m sure Dan is very similar! Thanks Laurie and Susan!

    Donna – “Ladyjustice”

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