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Crime Wire Investigates! October 11

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First Segment:

In August 1972, 27- year-old Marine Sgt. William Miller returned toCamp Lejeune,North Carolinafollowing a deployment inOkinawa.  But when he arrived at the home he shared with his wife Vickie and Wendy, their 1-year-old daughter, he found that while he was away another Marine, George Hayden, had taken up residence in his house.

On Sept. 16, 1972, Miller received a call from his estranged wife to meet him onWestern Boulevard. Less than 20 minutes later, Miller was found dead in the street, shot twice with rounds from an M-16. A few days later, Hayden showed up at the neighbor’s house and took the alleged evidence Miller had collected against him. Detectives suspected Hayden of killing Miller, but couldn’t gather sufficient evidence for an arrest.

George Hayden, former Belhaven police chief, to be free man after conviction overturned

October 07, 2011

George Hayden, former police chief of Belhaven will be a free man next week. Hayden has been in prison for the murder of the husband of a woman he was living with at one time. The victims was killed on a lonely road in Onslow County late one night in 1972 and Hayden was convicted of the crime on May 26, 2010 and sentenced to life in prison.

The N. C. Court of Appeals ruled in June of this year that Hayden did not get a fair trial because the evidence presented against him was not sufficient to convict him. This week the N. C. Supreme Court refused to hear the state’s appeal so Hayden should be released from prison shortly.

Second Segment:

The Unsolved Murder of Alicia Carver

From the family website:   The family of Alicia is looking for anyone with info about who killed Alicia, In Sept. of 2002 there was a brual murder in Leesvilles LA ( New Llano) there were several phone calls to the police dept. for help but no-one came, The family is well aware of what kind of life Alicia was living at the time, but this young woman died way to soon, and the family needs help in bringing the person who did this to her to justice. The police and the family have a good ideal of who did this terrible thing but just dont have enough proof, If you the public or anyone that you know have any info plz let us know or contact the Veron Parish Sheriff Office at 1-800-256-1534

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