Laurie Roth
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THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT by Dr. Laurie Roth, is what a mom, survivor and nationally syndicated talk show host would do to fix the country. America needs new ideas and new leadership right now more than ever. This is one path forward for America. -one very worthy of consideration as Dr. Laurie talks about how to fix our country from energy dependence to the tax code and everything in-between. The people need a president that isn’t affiliated with a political party, special interests or aligned with big business. Dr. Laurie Roth is a candidate that will represent all of the people – restoring their voice in American politics.

Roth says, “This book I wrote from my own heart, passion and ideas.  William Ayers,  nor any other assigned person wrote it for me.  It is what I would do if elected President of this great country.  I have always believed that it is ridiculous and even stupid to vote someone into the White House if you only have sound bite theatre and prepared statements to judge from.

If you want to help me in this huge process then start by reading my book,  ‘The People’s President’.  It will tell you exactly who I am and what I would get done.  Spread the word and help me network.”

Host of the popular The Roth Show, Dr. Laurie Roth is also known as “The Annie Oakley of the Airwaves” for her shoot from the hip style.  Ever controversial, but with an educated twist, her show presents current debates and views from around the country.

Dr. Laurie Roth also writes columns for several online publications, and can be found in the social media networking circles.

Join The Roth Revolution!  Get your copy of THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT from Amazon and help get votes for Dr. Laurie Roth.


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