Diane Fanning, Sandra L. Brown, Susie Kroll
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Power Women Magazine and Radio Show Featuring ImaginePublicity Clients

“Power Women Magazine is an online publication with a radio show about women by women for women and issues important to women worldwide. We network to stand in one voice for not only ourselves but for women who can not use their voice. We tackle all issues with the government, state and local communities as well as worldwide groups through our own means or via non profit organizations whom we have partnered with to make that stance. Our Issues range from equal rights for all women to issues of homelessness among women, and everything in between. Our Goals are to empower women no matter where they are or who they are. We must network and stand together in order to to make a change.”

In September, premier true crime and mystery author, Diane Fanning was an invited guest on the Power Women Radio show talking about her experiences and research surrounding the writing of MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, the first book about the life and tragic death of Caylee Anthony.  In high demand after the trial of Casey Anthony, Fanning gave listeners her opinion of what went wrong with the jury and the trial. www.dianefanning.com

October 6 will feature Sandra L. Brown, Founder and CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and author of several books on the pathology of abusers and psychopaths, including the best sellers, How to Spot a Dangerous Man and Women Who Love Psychopaths.  Sandra will discuss the subtle, and not so subtle, signs women should be aware of when choosing a partner, and why so many women are attracted to dangerous men. www.saferelationshipsmagazine.com

 October 19, Founder of Surviving the Realities of Repressed Memories, Lisa Michels, will be appearing to discuss childhood sexual abuse, repressed memory, and the journey to healing, calling upon her own experiences as a survivor of family violence and sexual abuse.  Michels has a powerful story to share, not only of her own abuse and the memory of it that was repressed until she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, but also the path to healing and empowerment, and what that means to someone who must confront the issue daily.  www.lisamichels.blogspot.com

October 17, Teen Dating and Healthy Relationships will be the topic discussed with Susie Kroll. Susie promotes the concept that healthy teen dating relationships will translate into strong and healthy adult relationships. She strives to educate both teens and adults about the seriousness of teen dating violence. She specializes in speaking about Teen Dating Violence and Healthy & Safe Dating and conducts workshops, keynotes, trainings, and seminars on issues specifically related to teens and their relationships. www.susiekroll.com

For more information about Power Women Magazine and the Radio show schedule of guests, visit their website:  http://powerwomenmag.com/?page_id=22

If you would like to schedule Lisa Michels, Sandra Brown, Susie Kroll, or Diane Fanning for your next event, contact: ImaginePublicity    PO BOX 14946    Surfside Beach, SC  29587    Phone: 843.808.0859    email: contact@imaginepublicity.com

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