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Neil Schori: One of the Great Communicators

Who would you consider a great communicator?  John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Billy Graham and Ronald Reagan come to mind, as well as wonderful motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and even Oprah.

Not only does a great communicator speak to audiences, they inspire, they motivate, and most importantly, they listen.  Neil Schori is one such person, young enough to be a budding great communicator, and wise enough to know how to grow into the role, not only of “orator” but also a giver of words for the soul.

As Pastor of Naperville Christian Church, Neil Schori has had the opportunity to be more than just a Pastor giving a sermon each Sunday and teaching the lessons of the Bible to his congregation.  Neil’s works go far beyond the pulpit, and as a young, well versed individual, he speaks to those who may not otherwise hear his messages.  He speaks from a loving heart, loving his fellow human beings enough to bring them a message each week prepared from that special place in his soul.

Schori is in touch with people.  Utilizing modern technology and social media networking, he allows the world to know him, who he is , what he stands for, with passion, compassion and grace.  We know his family, his beautiful wife, Brandi and their three little girls.  We know about his adventures playing Mr. Mom, when necessary, and how he revels in the turmoil three girls can bring to a home.  We know about his trips to Haiti to give aid after the country was literally destroyed following an earthquake, and we know about his effectiveness in delivering those in abusive relationships to a place of safety in their lives.  His advocacy for those who struggle is just one of the traits he possesses to do great things.

Neil Schori’s expression of his life is opened through social media, but he also sees the downside quite often. Thus, the subject of a new series of sermons, SHUT YOUR FACE.  Spirited and spiritual, Schori brings the message home to, not only his local parishioners, but also to the world that is connected through the internet!

The Naperville Christian Church media center is online: for all to listen.  If you are not active in a church, or don’t have a home church, or just want to enhance your spiritual journey, you can go to the link any time and listen to the sermons, the communications from Neil Schori.

To learn more about Neil, connect with him online on FACEBOOK or TWITTER or his website,  It’s a connection you will treasure as you get to know the man who will one day deliver his own “I’ve Got a Dream” speech!

If you would like to schedule Neil Schori for your next speaking engagement, event, or interview contact ImaginePublicity at 843.808.0859 or email:




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  1. Tom Schori says

    Wow! What a tribute to Neil Schori.

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