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Crime Wire Examines Missing Danielle Hill Alvarado

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Danielle Hill Alvarado

A beautiful young mother,
Danielle Hill Alvarado, 27, is missing.

Do you have info? Have you seen Danielle?

MISSING: January 24, 2010

FROM:  Wichita Falls, Texas

Danielle Hill Alvarado, 27 is missing. A young mom who adores her young daughter and was very close with her family.  She was last seen following church services and attended a baby shower with family. Danielle was afraid to go home as her husband was very upset that she attended a family function. She feared him. Her mother begged her to stay at her home, however, Danielle said if she didn’t go home it would be a far worse punishment. She left and has never been seen again. Her husband has not been considered a suspect by police.

Her young daughter resides with her grandparents and Danielle’s parents have been continually searching for their needed answers as to what happened to Danielle?

Danielle would never go without contacting her family and daughter. At one point, a woman told her mother that she had reliable information that Danielle was choked and put in the city landfill.  At the same time, when questioned by police, the “source” wavered on her statements and therefore was not considered to have “first hand knowledge.”

Family and friends have been desperately searching for Danielle.  They would honor interviews with the media to help get the message to the public about their missing and loved Danielle.  The family is hoping and praying, that by some miracle, perhaps someone abducted Danielle, maybe even drugged her and trafficked her.  While that would be a parent’s worst nightmare, the alternative is far worse. They beg if anyone has information to please contact authorities. If you are afraid, please send an anonymous letter to the police ..but please do something to help her parents, her daughter, her sister, grandparents and friends to bring Danielle home.

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  1. Crystal Thomas says

    I have been very close to the family for about 19 years. Ericka (Danielle’s sister) has been my very close personal friend…..Danielle and I hung out quite a bit…anyway, I could go on…..My point is that Me and a friend of mine from Oklahoma went to Wichita Falls sometime in February and hung out flyers etc….When all of a sudden a gold P/T cruiser pulls up and starts to cuss at me. I walked over to her car to hand her a flyer of Danielle when she jumped out and told me that she hopes “the fucking bitch is dead”, (talking about Danielle), and rips up the flyer that I was trying to hand her. My friends run towards me to protect me, and I found out real quick that her name was Bridgett and she was Danielle’s husband’s sister. She was so cruel with her words….calling Danielle a whore and telling us that she hopes we find her dead…….I was crying hysterically because I still had not dealt with the fact that Danielle is gone and to here this woman talk about her that way killed me inside…………………This happened on Polk street just a few blocks from where Danielle’s grandmother lives….A cop pulled up at the grandmother’s house (Elaine) and asks us what happened. I told him and he said that unless she hit me, she can tear down as many flyers as she wants to and say whatever she wants to. (He was referring to Bridgett). Me and my friends were being asked to leave “Vida Ville” when we were handing out flyers there. People were saying “Oh man, you have to leave because Vida already called and if we take a flyer or let you in, we are fired and we will lose our home”. I would say no problem man and hang a flyer right there on their fence post LOL. Anyway….I love Danielle and her family. I miss Danielle so much……I want to be of service and help in any way I can. My husband and I lost our home in a tornado on May 24th 2010……we may not be able to help a lot financially, but we are going back to Wichita Falls in October and we are handing out more flyers…………You don’t scare us Jonathan….Vida……..Bridgett……..We are coming back and I hope you are ready to see Danielle’s face all over Wichita Falls. We will never go away!!!!!
    Crystal Thomas
    Gary Thomas

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