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Why, Oh Why Do I Have to Blog All the Time!?

As I pound and pound into the heads of my clients why blogging consistently is soooo important!

by Nitin Aggarwal

Blogging began as a means of expressing personal thoughts, then it gradually became a publicity tool for stars and paparazzi and finally, it reached the entrepreneurs of this world. With marketing becoming increasingly competitive, campaigning through the World Wide Web (WWW) ensured that blogging research reaches new peak.

Blogging has come a long way from simple web pages to extremely sorted and read content of the internet. Comments on blogs and the speed of passing blog links among users with similar interest show the power of blogging and its popularity on a global dais.

There are plenty of benefits of blogging for small, large businesses and even the non-trade sections such as awareness-creating organizations worldwide. Surveys show that people prefer to trust those companies more, which tend to engage in blogging.

Brand Building: Climbing the long ladder can be so scary when you look up from the bottom. Blog works like your escalator, you can look up with joy as your brand climbs to the target with gradual posts getting popular day by day.

One-on-one communications: You can let your customer be Oprah Winfrey as they ask you queries about your products in form of comments or you entertain their needs through blogs. This improves the mutual understanding among you and your clients. You can even get ideas on making your product very user friendly.

Public relations improvement:
 You cannot go door to door and campaign about your brand as effectively as the blog allows you to do. Building relations with the general public, mainly your customer is the key to a thriving business.

Reputation building in easy way: The image of a brand is very crucial part of e-commerce. When you have trouble fulfilling the requirements of customers, bad press can play havoc. Your reputation is marred. Blogging about the issues or discussing it openly can help you sail safely through such ups and downs.

Competitive spirit:
 Blogging in a healthy way to keep up with your competitor. You enjoy the edgy rush and attain success symbiotically.

Search Engine Marketing: 
It is a suitable way to gain organic web traffic and get opportunity to communicate in a direct way with your clientele.

Free of cost: Who doesn’t love the word ‘free’? Blogging has no price tags attached. Get set to write some more.

Portray blogger as pro: Image of the blogger is set as authority and it brings a positive impact on the sales of your product. You know your job and your blogs can be a proof of it.

Company promotions with news updates: 
This hassle and bondage-free medium to get in touch with company can help in updating clients about new offers etc.

Accessible to public: Blogs do not need membership based login and signing up that is time consuming process. Open, read and get informed it is that simple.

Direct support: Blogging can be an efficient way to promote, just like a hobby that takes few minutes of your time each day. Know your clients and let them have a peek at your personal side with blogs.

Guest post by Nitin Aggarwal who started the company Offshore Ally. It provides competent link building and virtual assistant services. In life, he is passionate about entrepreneurship, blogging, SEO trends and everything related to technology. Connect with him via Twitter.

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  1. Greetings Fellow Bloggers: I can definitely see the value in blogging now that I am immersed. As it relates to business, in the Northeast where the economy is severely lagging behind, we hear constantly that small businesses will “get us out of this mess” and that we need to be more business friendly, particularly in my state. It is the wave of the future that will be here for a very long time. And… the fact that we prolific bloggers love to write and it is a free vehicle is wonderful!

    Let us all be vigilant and keep our content good in quality and useful for others. It’s about creative communication in spreading the word about our product/service or personal skills. Therefore, blog on with enthusiasm and let’s convince our employers to do so in an “out of the box” way so that our enterprises can thrive!


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