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Fred Rosen is back on True Crime Uncensored with another killer book!

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Author Fred Rosen

Trails of Death: Gary Hilton-The National Parks Killer

TitleTown Publishing-Aug. 24, 2011

Possessed of a genius IQ, Gary Hilton cut a murderous swath through the Deep South from September 2007 to January 2008 before being captured. When he was, for the January 2008 murder and beheading of beautiful 24 year old blonde blue eyed Meredith Emerson in Dawson Forest, Georgia, investigators soon discovered that he had murdered, beheaded and be-handed 46 year old Sunday School teacher Cheryl Dunlap in northern Florida’s Apalachicola National Forest in December 2007. And then evidence emerged that Hilton had committed still two more murders in a NC national forest in October 2007.

Author and reporter Fred Rosen has spent three years investigating Hilton and his crimes. During February 2011, he attended Hilton’s dramatic capital murder trial in Tallahassee for murdering Dunlap. Rosen went even further going into Hilton’s background to discover his troubled relationship with his mother and stepfather; his adolescence in the warm sun of Hialeah; his participation during the Vietnam War in the Davy Crockett Platoon, soldiers who deployed handheld nuclear missiles throughout Europe (yes, a future serial killer has his finger on the button); and his career as a con artist.

Married and divorced three times, Hilton created the story for “Deadly Run,” a 1995 direct to video movie about women let loose in the Georgia woods and the man who hunted them. In the next Millennium, Hilton made reality imitate art.

Already sentenced to life with parole in GA for showing detectives Emerson’s body and head, the Florida jury gave him death for killing Dunlap. During the trial, Rosen discovered a witness who the prosecution never called, who saw Dunlap the day she disappeared and contradicted the prosecution’s official version of the crime.

A former columnist, for the Arts and Leisure Section of The New York Times, Fred Rosen is now one of the leading true crime authors in the United States. His 12 published works in the genre include the true crime classic, Lobster Boy. In that case it was Mr. Rosen’s detective work that led to the conviction of the killer.

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