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Powerful Promoters: SHARPIE Wins the Prize!

We accidentally ran across a post by Sharpie on Twitter….or, perhaps it wasn’t by accident, but by design!  You see, Sharpie was using a “promoted by” tweet which shows up at the top of the Twitter stream on Hootsuite. Of course, this drew our interest and led us to a post on their company’s blog.  An ingenious peek at the power of Sharpie!

Much to the reader’s delight, the site is a colorful, a well designed space that is much more than eye catching and appeals positively to the senses.  The article was amazing; the use of Sharpies to design the Harley belonging to the president of the company, Ben Gadbois. The Sharpie blog is a compendium of posts “sharing the amazing stuff people do with Sharpies.”  Everything from Gadbois’ beloved and decorated Harley to beautiful artwork creations on paper coffee cups!

The Sharpie blog consistently showcases its ads with the tagline “It Starts With Sharpie.”  Each ad features one of the creations from a myriad of talented Sharpie artists.  One of our personal favorites is the original artwork by Mark Rivard on skateboards.  The talent and detail which goes into each of his designs is amazingly precise, yet colorful and original.

The website also contains an interactive community which allows Sharpie artists a place to share their original creations.  Voila! Artists are born!

Of course, we immediately made a point to follow Sharpie on Twitter and be one of the 2 million followers on Facebook!  The sheer number of fans tells us that Sharpie is definitely doing what any social media marketer dreams about every day; creatively using all forms of social media and encouraging their followers to engage!

As the ultimate advocate for self-expression, Sharpie® enables consumers to Uncap What’s Inside™ with its full range of permanent marking and writing products.

What sets them apart?

The appeal of a product that becomes an interactive tool, literally drawing in their followers as customers and encouraging each of them to become a creative part of the Sharpie marketing plan.  Everyone becomes an artist with a gallery to showcase their art!  Brilliant!

Our hat goes off to a company who is utilizing the magic of social media in a most exciting way!

Here’s hoping that SHARPIE will return the favor and join with ImaginePublicity on TWITTER and FACEBOOK !

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  1. Very Cool and Creative!….. We clients are the “Sharpie’s” in Imagine Publicity’s pencil box, True?? DRG

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